Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Male Niqab.. Influenced By Neo Islam..Rule And Divide

World Famous Blade Matam of Hyderabad

The Imagination of Man Is Poetry Unbound

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beyond the reach of time and sound
only pain Prometheus bound
manacled chained on a rock
of despair above the ground
love is disillusionment
click fraud infamy all around
women are devious deceitful
their charm a honey trap
on the Venus of her mound
a pound of flesh for an ounce
her demands her depravity
her greed her lust your
soul burnt urban brown
when she gets tired
she dumps you
some new dickead
she has found
a longer dick
more endowed
as she holds him
lovingly as she goes
down on the stem
on the crown
a sarcastic sigh
a blistering frown
what goes in
comes around
more profound
a silhouette
of more pain
in the foreground

If Photographers Ran This Government Everything Would be Out In The Open

No fuckin scams or corruption..of course the pompous fucked photographers would make bloggers sit in the opposition..

This is the only place a Photo Journalist Will Never Be Arrested for Official Secrets Act..

My Wife Used To Crib Why Do You Shoot This Ugliness of Our City Bonded Labor On Display to Foreigners

The Only PlaceThe CM Of UP Will Never Visit...

Once A Foreigner Sees This He Goes Home Happy And Cleansed

This is a Holy Shrine called the Dhobi Ghat of Mahalaxmi
one visit your soul all free washed tumbled dried holistically

My City Mumbai Luanders The Dirt of Humanity In Open Air

This Is Hussain Pain Without Color

Moharam in Mumbai Ashura 2002 Amin Imambada

Moharam in Mumbai .
Ashura at Amin Imambada is a unique experience and this is organized by the Shia Iranians .Its a morning event and the place is jam packed.
The pictures I shot here are at the lag end of the event.
Ashura at Amin is a passion play depicting Shimr and Imam Hussain and the atrocities, a lot of people dont take kindly to this human depiction of Imam Hussain, but than the Iranians have being doing it since time immemorial.
And this remains with you for a long time as Shimr in red beats the crowd and hangs little children uside down removing them from the Cradle of Ali Asghar where they are placed for good luck.
When I shot this I was bodily lifted and placed on the Imambada wall by my good friend Nasser of Lucky Restaurant Bandra.
This was the first time I was photographing this sequence in my 50 years at that time.

The sword matam here is to be seen to be believed.
The Damam beaters of the Iranian drums add to the cacophony that reverbrates as Ya Hussain Ya Hussain..
The entire acoustics is of pain, women shrieking , crying weeping as the matamdars cut their foreheads and lash their backs with 24"steel blades.

The entire area is a sea of black clothes and blood.
Every Shia child has become man at Amin Imambada.


Bibi Ka Alam at Charminar

Bibi Ka Alam at Charminar