Friday, July 22, 2016

Tennis In The Rains Under Coach Surendra Pawar

My dynamic but humble coach Mr Surendra Pawar ..has kept me fit .
Gave Me a Reason to live when I was 
Down in the pits my life was totally 
Bullshit ..he presented me on my 
Birthday a tennis kit ..
Made me a 65 year old tennis player
Every bit ...a ball I can hit ..

After almost a month I go back to play tennis under my Coach Surendra Pawar ..on my injured leg .
Over 15 days in Khamakhya and 22 days in bed was driving me crazy so I wore a kid and slipper on my injured leg walk to the courts at Bandra Reclamation.
I played for 45 minutes and am feeling refreshed and better but the swelling on my toe is taking time .
I thank my coach and his instructors .
Rohan Pawar Darshan Bendal Mangesh Dhotre and Praful Tambe and Sanket Kamble and Maneesh for their support and patience .
Pictures shot by Rohan and Sanke

Gau Raksha Dal Se Desh Ko Bachao

Kehta Hai Gai Meri Mata Hai
Toh Phir Kachra Ise Kyon Khilata Hai
Is Ma Ko Is Gardish Se Kyon Nahi
Bachata Hai....Sirf Musalmanon Par
Aur Dalit Par Apni Mardangi Dikhata Hai
Kode Unhe Lagata Hai.. Jhad Se Unhe
Latkata Hai...Mazhab Ke Nam Par
Bhai Ko Bhai Se Alag Karata Hai