Thursday, January 12, 2012

Felicitating My Mentor KG Maheshwari

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Mr KG Maheshwari does not socialize , he is a very private person , but here he took time to visit my shop at Bandra with his wife , I felicitated the two for their patronage their love for me and my family..

I update this today with a poem to my Maha Guru Mentor wwhom we fondly call Shree Dronacharya .. Cosmic Third Eye of Photography..

12 January 2012

you are our today tomorrow and yesterday
via the internet in our hearts you stay
always young you wont ever
turn old or are
our amrat in a pot of clay

for your long life
peace hope happiness
hands folded we pray
blessed by your vision
not just the camera
with words i play

The Nails That Can Kill Hammered down after they ripped my linen shirt

municipal contractors that cause the public loss and pain should be banned forever ..

The Nails That Can Kill

The Size of the Nail That Ripped My Shirt Hammered Down..After the Incident

This nail was dangerously pointing outwards and being a narrow path , my shirt got ripped and the Municipal contractor just watched bemused ..he fired the worker and had the nail hammered down.. he was neither apologetic nor kind and it was my brand new expensive white linen shirt stitched at BadasaAb..

Yes at the hustings at Bandra Bazar Road there surely will be a nice change ..this is the most neglected filthiest part of Bandra ..despite all the cosmetic good work nothing has changed the garbage dumps all open and the area near the Chicken market a hellhole ..I have shot so many pictures that Ms Sonaiji Congres President and Mr Manmohan Singhji our erstwhile PM must have seen them too.. thanks to the dependable hand that lets us down most of the time ..

The Rude Arrogant Municipal Contractor of Bandra Bazar Road

Huge nails on the wooden scaffolding ripped my new linen shirt on this narrow path and this prod contractor was neither apologetic all he said was accidents happen, they would say the same thing if a child fell in the open dug our road .. I bought this to our corporator Mr Rehbar Khans notice .I told him the contractor should buy me a new linen shirt.. of course that is the last thing .I could expect from them..

a hellhole called bandra bazar road .. waiting for change

after elections she will be where she sits .. her future has no guarantee of change jai maharashtra

christ only wanted you to be human..conversion sucks

your soul needs protection from corruption scams made in india...not for export

A Master Craftsman Dr Glenn Losack MD

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Eminent psychiatrist from Manhattan New York great people photographer the best in the field...

A physician, psychiatrist, musician/composer, world traveller, seasoned/award winning photographer, international medical lecturer, charity worker, cynical, sardonic, wry, usually pessimistic and a great lover of Indian food, Guinness and the Beatles. After 15 years on the couch & headed for his second couch he is still nonplussed about this absurd,preposterous,cockamamie life we all lead. Home base is in the East Village of Manhatten ( where else?), when he is stateside.Realizing life is short & getting shorter, wanting more than “just being a doctor” making money and living in a fish bowl, like his colleagues, Dr. Losack semi-retired from his medical practice at the ripe old age of forty to pursue his true passions: Circling the globe many times east and westward,living a good part of the year in the third world, and doing things his colleagues say they ‘will do’ but never do.

He considers himself lucky to have travelled in over 50 nations but is honored & humbled to have had the experience of photographing India and other third world nations thousands of years old.

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