Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Drunken Soul of Man

man is a strange
legendary creature
when he is vicious
he is hate spewing preacher
caning kids in elitist schools
the flip side of a teacher
pushing them to commit suicide
another added feature
the drunken soul of man
lying on the floor
trying hard to reach her
man the quintessential
eve teaser

The Shoes of the Fisherman

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I document life , life that is a common sight , life that needs no turn or twists of metaphors.
Life that is embodied as pain , in most cases , opening a window of remorse while trying to close the doors of despair.

My heroes on the streets dont ape Salman Khan , Sharukh Khan or Amir Khan no not even Akshay Kumar .

My street heroes are real life figures and here it is a Cobbler whom some call Mochi close to my workspace , I shot this picture for a very special reason , the shoes belongs to a man who has really outworn it maybe he does not have money to buy a new one or repair this old one..

Yet he has given it to the cobbler to have it nicely polished .

I asked myself perhaps he was jobless for a very long time now he is going for his interview so he needs the gloss on his shoes , I am told the interviewer first gauges you by your shoes.

Luckily I have not gone for an interview with shoes.

I walk barefeet most of the time.

Back to my picture the guys clothes are at the Dohbi getting ironed ..

So these are my picture stories I did not ask the cobbler who these shoes belonged too, I took it for granted they were the Shoes of the Fisherman.

And I wont write a poem here sometimes prose is as essential as a poem of life.

I shoot barbers and they are artists too like fashion designers , a cobbler is an artist too..they all create or recreate the persona of a man.

I shoot Pheriwaas patiwalas icegolawalas and all the other walas.

And I must share a few lines as a message sent to me by a Facebook friend Arun Kambhat..

Arun Kumbhat June 15 at 10:00pm
Have been the recipient of your picture posts for some time now.
The honesty of feeling that the pictures, prose and poetry communicate are of rare quality and humility, I suppose this comes from not having to please a market.
God bless and keep going my friend

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

muslim woman
by her faith
in her dress
but on the sanctity
of the hijab
evil thoughts
of her enemies
they get upset uptight
adding to their blood sugar
blood pressure
unnecessary stress
the hijab for reasons unknown
they want to suppress
more than the person
who wears it
it causes them distress
racist their evil intentions
on a womans traditional dress
ban it burn it the hijab
is a muslims womans
identity her spirituality
her gods address
the hijab another name
of a muslim womans progress
on the soul of humanity
wasteful your vociferous protests
it is not part of your religiosity
live and let the hijab live
i suggest

The Koli Fisherwoman of Bandra Bazar Fish Market

They have been traditionally selling fish here at the Bandra Fish market from its inception, the Koli fisherwomen of Bandra Bazar Fish Market.

This fish market is the filthiest dirtiest as compared to other fish markets , and its a real shame to see all this but than there is no escape fro certain situations in life.

The Koli women hardly have any clout here in this area as compared to the Kolis of Worli or Versova.

Most of the fisherwomen are not from Bandra Bazar but Chimbai , Mahim and Worli.

Their mothers held this place of work or their mother in laws perhaps.

There are two or three East Indian English speaking Koli fisher women....who stay close to the Bazar.

I bought some mackerel but they were not up to the mark.

During the rains the fishing boats dont venture into the seas so its cold frozen stuff that comes to be sold and the price skyrockets , only the very rich or the hotel guys buy in bulk.

The very poor buy the cheaper variety of fish like singhada bombil and tarli..and other fishes ..

Prawns Gol Rawas Promfret is the expensive variety of fish.

The Konkani Muslims Catholics and few other communities cant do without fish it is their staple diet eaten with rice ,whether the fish is made as curry or fried.

Marziya knows all the Koli women in this fish market and her favorite is Manjula Koli from Worli gaon.

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

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a spectral light
its spirituality
serenity and mood
the silhouette
of the hijab
badly misunderstood
the hijab for the
muslim womans
greater good
an ethereal form
hidden in a hood
she stands out
with her sartorial
grace dignity
in every
those who
are not Muslim
whose women
dont wear it
actually curse
badmouth and brood
but excuse the women
in skimpy dresses
partially nude
i conclude

between the east and the west
unnecessary ill founded feud

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

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walking a tight rope
lady in a hijab
on an inclined slope
a garment of modesty
gives her bright hope
whatever the backlash
against the hijab
she will cope
a light at the end
of the tunnel
she need not grope

Jesus Lives On a Gutter in Bandra

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The Municipality is Anti Christ it does not like this particular Jesus and I dont know why.

The gutter that houses human shit is always overflowing and is always flooded , I pity the guys who rush from here for the Friday namaz too.

And the stench the filth is part of Jesus's life at Bandra Bazar Road..

This is one situation from which Jesus has no escape.

He is condemned to life after death.

Close to the Cross is the caterer who cooks food outside and it hardly bothers him the food is not for him but for his customers.

Jesus is cross
his life a overflowing
gutter without pause
choked innards the cause
Jesus can do nothing
because bigger than Jesus
is the Municipality
Big Brother Big Boss
Jesus tongue tied
totally at loss
to me as a street poet
his pain comes across