Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Sacrificial Goats

on the altar of love
by cut throats
in a world of
as foot notes
a pain
our misery
in the gutter
of life's poetry
our fucked
future floats

My Poetic Tryst With Love

mere sare zewar
sab le gayee woh
raste pe is ashik
ko bitha gayi woh
hale dil ab kya sunaoo
kisi aur ki ho gayo woh
no jane kis duniya
main jake kho
gayi woh
my tryst with love
blow after blow
my flesh
my soul
dead by her
my fate
a shut door
shut window
just a beggars bowl
my tears
nothing else
to show
a silence
her echo

You Shoot Pictures I Shoot a Lifetime of Hijra Emotions

Only Poets Shoot Hijras Like Poems

Yes I shoot the differently ... through the hospitable humility of a beggar soul..I dont get pictures I get a life time of Hijra eternity.

I shoot hijras with the third eye of Shiva embedded in my camera lens.

The Hijra Jogan at The Traffic Signal Of Life

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I shot these pictures on my visit to a film production office.

She is a Hijra Jogan her beloved is not Man but the Lord she has surrendered her soul to him keeping nothing behind , her Lord was kind, to appease the lord her manly body she redefined ,her crass human mans body she refined , every move to the lord like love letters messages with tears underlined ..

The Hijra Jogan a beautiful body beautiful mind two parts of love equally entwined and in the deep crevices of her passion her pain her anguish her angst the Lord enshrined.

Only an androgynous god this metaphoric mystifying moment bind ,god made man, and man not satisfied with woman the hijra designed ..a sexuality ying yang that unwinds ...

I dedicate this to Kaki Subramaniam...the hjra art of love making tantric transcendental releasing of the kundalini reptilian loved and was offered to me on a silver platter I politely declined .

I am a poet I poetize hijras through the eye of Shiva a job I was assigned ardh nari nareshwar another name of mankind..a poet photographer uniquely on the face of Flickr and Facebook combined.

Sartorial Serendipity Streamlined.

Jesus and Me

a mortal man
of another man
who too was
by mans
pride and vanity
now imprisoned
for life behind a cage
a punishment
in exchange of his piety
this word belongs
to the politically
the poor
children of a
lesser god
seeking Peace
the soul of a deity

The Cripple

on the legs
of a frog
she hops
sees a
rushing car
she stops
her life
a non stop
whirling top
lights action
as backdrop

God is Hooked To Facebook Too

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all night
a heady brew
so very new
to mark zuckerburg
the whizkid
his motley crew
god is hooked
to facebook too
all the saints
gods friends
a few he blocked
it is quite true
god gets fed
up of fucked
but than
rich kids
do need
gods two
special friends
a barefeet blogger
an American Jew
both showing
his world of pain
socketless eyes
blood gore
on the search menu
god who goes
by all names
you call him
allah yahweh
brahma vishnu
and you can add him
from my friends list
no issue

to marcel duvoix

Jesus is Reluctant To Come Back

jesus is reluctant
to come back
in a world
gone to seed
where man
now superman
absolute power wields
man on the flesh
of man feeds
all around
death devastation
killing fields
using innocent
women children
as shields
peace enslaved
the hand maiden
of war
to greed
the sou of man
to Satan yields

jesus christ at facebook
through weeping
wind shields

Hum Ap Aur Woh

some emotions come
some emotions come and go
into a cosmic river of pain
excess baggage of life
we have to throw
like a candle
that time will seduce
swiftly blow outgrow
weeded out woe
walking barefeet on fire
walking barefeet on snow
to and fro high and low
a pain you cant feel
you will never know

A Barefeet Blogger Reminisces

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distorted dreams
his future kisses
hits and misses
on the soul
of his poetry
her attitude pisses
serpentine soliloquy
her silence her hisses

I Have Finally Deleted Her From My Consciousness

my sanity in total mess
the lady who I thought
was my princess
breached my dreams
in a light blue dress
you have rightly guessed
I have finally deleted her
from the poetry of my life
from my consciousness
her carbonized steel heart
no more my souls address
no more rising blood sugar
no more pressure
no more stress
a failed romance
how do I express
a meeting of two souls
I did not need to undress
through the human frailty
of this human blog
I confess
I will never fall in love
with someone who
in the heart of another man
lies possessed
haji malang
this pilgrims progress
a story of fleshy failure
spiritual success
my broken beggars bowl
her greedy largess

Yeh Sach Hai Ke Main Mussalman Hoon

main hindu bhi hoon
main christian bhi hoon
ap jo samjhe main
ek jeeta jagta nishan hoon
main jo kuch bhi hoon
main insan hoon
yeh sach hai
ke main musalman hoon
desh par mar mitne wala
iman hoon
apki tarah
main bhi kuch baton
se pareshan hoon

Urinating on The Soul of Humanity

woh peekay
gutter main leta tha
thodi door uska beta
ek dukan ke pas
miskin baitha tha
ankh main ansu
kanpta tha
kuch aitha tha
muflisi ka alam
ghar main
bujhaa choola
man ki khiskiyan
chup chap sehta that
bap ka pishab
zindagi ki nali
main behta tha
kisika gham
kisi ke gham
main rehta tha
kuch na kahtey hue
kuch kehta tha