Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Message From Mr Dutta

Dear Mr.Firoze,

We all in my family watching your photographs on Ramakrishna Mission. My family is really moved by your vivid coverage of street photography too. In fact, they liked it most.

My father told me that, he is seeing such kind of illustrated pictures, first time in his life.

He asked me to tell you to snap the problems of neglected aged person, who are thrown out of their home by their near and dear once!

K Dutta

Going Home After Visarjan On The First Day 2010

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This was shot on my way back home in the ricksha on the first day of Durga Visarjan, I had come to Juhu beach at about 6 pm and in a few hours had shot 881 pictures of the Immersion of Goddess Durga and her other avatar Ma Ambe.

I was barefeet and I tried capture as much as I could I also shot the Hijras who had bought their Durga for immesion from Andheri.

And as a tribute to the Bengali Lions of Mumbai the Mukerjees , I have placed the pictures of their Durga Visarjan in a separate set at my Flickr photo stream.

I have always been very close to the Mukerjees since a long time I had worked on Subir Mukerjees Rock Dancer and also with Samrat Mukerjee.

And so I finally end my Durga Visrajan series..

Worlds Youngest Street Photographer is Not Well

Marziya Shakir
Birth 24 October 2007
Camera Nikon D 80
Guru No1 Dr Glenn Losack MD New York Manhattan

Marziya has been infected by a mouth hand feet childrens viral disease that is the latest scourge to hit Mumbai kids after swine flu, dengue chinkugunya malaria and typhoid including jaundice.

Boils on the hands and feet and ulcers in the mouth , eating drinking is very difficult

Complete isolation from kids and bed rest , so Marziya who loves the streets is at home completely quite as never before.

Marziya Is Not Well Since A Week

Marziya Is Not Well Since A Week

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Marziya is recuperating at home she was infected by a chidrens viral disease called mouth hands and feet , with rash and ulcers in the mouth.

Her pain was unbearable to watch so her best friend Mehrin Mukadam who celebrated her birthday sent Marziya a small cake too as Marziya is cooped up home , this is the agony of Marziya Shakir 2 year 11 month old street photographer.

A few day back I bough her a robot too..

And our house has lost its charm and its beauty with Marziyas illness.

She keeps quite plays be herself and hardly utters a word.

Here when she was to cut the cake she asked my wife to tell me to take her picture.

I hate to shoot her as it hurts me to the capture only pain instead of Marziya Shakir.

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