Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jesus Round the Bend

once came to earth
to save humanity
as a human
with humans
he did blend
washing away their sins
he did make amends
an olive branch
to his enemies
he did extend
but they wanted
him dead
malicious malcontent
nailed crucified
bitter was his end
to his fathers house
in heaven finally
he did transcend
a message of peace
to all his well wishers
loving friends
he solemnly recommends

Domestic House Arrest

he has been locked in
he was giving it to
another woman
a great mortal sin
his extra marital love life
now in a dustbin
shedding crocodile tears
while his heart burns
he plays the violin
a pain for a goddess
that has killed him
from within
sorrow oozing out
from his soulless skin
caught between his wife
and the other woman
whom he took for a spin
his balls hanging
on a clothesline
held by a safety pin
betrayed love
memories seminal stained
on a bed of a wayside inn
a poetic plea on this web page
to his next of kin

Fucked Forever

he drank his life away
thinking good times
will last however
saved nothing for a rainy day
thought he was sharp
shrewd and clever
now homeless
on the streets of despair
life fucked forever

School Memories are Incomplete Without This

This is the hand cart you see close to many a school near Bandra by lanes, this guy is going towards the Marathi Municipal School near Ram Mandir road.

He is a migrant from UP and a very peaceful man, he is part of every childs growing up, every childs school memories linked to the junk that he sold..

Fred Miller in Pune too must have eaten all this which nourished your brains , a wise one told me so.

Our Bhaiyya was a kindly soul outside Holy Name High School Colaba , in the evenings he set up his stall at Strand Road close to my house.

The most notorious kid in our school was a very simple tame looking guy, Anil, he would kill flies crush them and add them to powdered supari and jeera goli and give it to kids who did not know of this prank..

We took nothing from him ever.

The Morning News v/s The Blog

more ads
less content
a thought to amuse
mumbai morning news
rape sodomy break in
you read what you choose
shining case of maid abuse
or latest picture of Tom Cruise
bloated electric bills
blown up fuse
to reliance energy
come what may you have
to pay your dues
thank you shiv sena
for fighting for the common man
a tariff they have promised
to reduce
morning news
read once
to the raddi paperwala
will come in use
where as this blog
read it every time
85,015 items / 502,992 views

Shooting Wild Orchids In The Rains

I am flower phobic
a street shooter
an urban prick
love to kick
living in glass houses
at my paper house
they throw bricks
I shoot hijras
they shoot chicks
I shoot street pain
they shoot flowers
just for kicks
street photography
pedestrian poetry
I intermix
I stay away
from conflicts

Poem inspired by Randall

Now you must be wondering who is this lady of Bandra Reclamation living under the umbrella.
Nobody knows her name , though once she has lived and seen good times , she never moves out from under this umbrella.

A few days back Mumbai had the heaviest rains of this season and she faced it all, I hate shooting her picture , as I have no balls to see her in the eye, she lives more contended than I do..Marziya likes her I give Marziya a tenner and braving the surrounding muck, Marziya goes and hands it over to her.

I want Marziya to understand pain compassion before she learns photography.

I want her to learn humility..she understands it as she watches observantly the traffic beggar kids at Linking Road from the rickshah.
They all love Marziya .

So I shoot wild orchids on the road, I dont belittle people who shoot flowers ., insects , gardens I dont think I could shoot this at all..and it is not necessary you shoot what I shoot but do try to shoot a tear from a child's eye , waiting for his next meal and you will know what I mean.

I was not into beggar photography but pain is cinematic too , it requires a very large canvas , and though it is not my genre it is part and parcel of what I call street photography.

The umbrella lady has survived many a rainy season , waters in my area have been waist high last year , but she was always there the next morning, I have never seen her standing up, I dont know how she answers the call of nature ..

But tell me honestly who the fuck really cares a fart about her ..will electronic media ever cover the stories that I shave shot with a defective still camera,,

Blogging is not about words its about adding soul it is about adding humanity to the silence of the lamb- the photo blog..

Media , journos gun for our ass , We have no editorial constrains we dont have to go under the editors desk to give him head , if he had a good head he would not be allowing the shit that is palmed of us as photo journalism, in the morning newspapers , oops forgive me I almost puked over the Times of India.

Give a new kid with a camera a chance - I have said this earlier too, to get even with the arrogance of a photo journalist God created the camera in the mobile phone....ha ha ha

Marziya will start shooting pictures much before she is 2 and half years old...Marziya has already learnt the first few chapters of Unlearning Photography..

I have kept the Nikon F100 for her and a Fuji film too.

Lucknowi Zaika

This morning wife served Besan ki roti , that had coriander, ajwain, onion , red chillies stuffed in it, the chutney was made out of lasson , garlic , green chilly..

Some of the dishes wife makes have been enjoyed by the furious physician Dr Glenn Losack MD when he visited my house..

Valdimir Mouveau my French friend and Marc de Clercq my Belgian friend ,too have liked my wife's dishes.

The other dishes wife makes our Lucknowi Dum Biryani, Thehri,Khichdi, Khichda, gilawat ke kebab , and various types of dals and jeera rice too.
Baigan ka bharta is a speciality too..

Chicken is a daily feature , sometimes meat , but we dont eat beef at all.

Keema or mince is somtimes a farefor breakfast , sometimes she makes Idli sambar too..much better than what is served at an Udipi Restaurant..

We dont eat bread , rice and chapatis are the staple diet.

Wife also makes fish- Rawas , Promfret , Surmai Bombay ducks.. she does not like Bangda, prawns too she makes with spinach.

She was taught all this by my late mother Shamim Shakir.

Now my wife enjoys the food made by both my daughter in laws one from Lucknow the other from Mumbai.

I learnt cooking when I worked in Muscat in the early 80s , but it was more Malyali style as I worked with people from Kerala at a place called Tecodev owned by Dr Hamed Al Riyami..at Muttrah.

85000 Blogs in 21 Months at Flickr

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Today 27 July 2009 I complete 85000 photo blogs at Flickr in 21 months..
I thank each one of you, for your support and your friendship..and for standing by me when ever I was used as a punching bag, by bigots and racists..