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I Complete 180000 photo blogs at Flickr.Com

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This could not happen without people out there on the wide wild web who view my pictures , read my poems my rants I am indebted to each one of you I thank you with folded hands .

The daily viewer ship in all humility here at Flickr averages 20000 per day.

I also thank Flickr Support for allowing me to showcase my surroundings, my world , and my blogs are about humanity without hate for any caste color or community.

And above all I thank Dr Glenn Losack MD my friend family supporter my mentor my guide who paid for my 2 year Pro membership without him I would have not been able to post so many pictures , as an ordinary member I could only post 260 pictures so Dr Glenns support in getting me the Pro membership made this possible.

So Shalom Dr Glenn..for your Hanukah present to me..

And also to that one person who calls me joker, kadu , dramabaz, dabba and than lovingly she calls me to sir with love...she made my journey fruitful this is for her too...a pagal ki bacchi..

Ham Sab Ek Hain Nek Hain Sirf Kuch Neta Fake Hain

Ruslaan Mumtaz And The Blogger

Ruslaan Mumtaz

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Ruslaan Mumtaz is an Indian actor who works in the Mumbai based Hindi film industry, colloquially known as Bollywood. He is the son of actress Anjana Mumtaz.

He made his acting debut in the romantic drama MP3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar, which was a box office success, and earned him positive reviews. Film critic Taran Adarsh from indiaFM wrote, "Ruslaan does very well. Good-looking, camera-friendly and confident, he has the potential to be the new kid on the block."[1]

Mumtaz was the original choice for the lead role of Jamal Malik in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire (2008) but was later dropped from the project, because the film's producer found "Ruslaan too good looking for the role" and replaced him with British Indian actor Dev Patel. The film went on to win four Golden Globe Awards and receive eight Academy Awards. Despite missing out on the opportunity to work with Boyle and established actors Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, he hopes to gain success in the forthcoming projects Teree Sang by Satish Kaushik and Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai by Milap Zaveri.[2]

Mumtaz later explained that when he was the original choice for the role of Jamal Malik in Slumdog Millionaire, he had a "lean look" during his first audition for the role, but that the final audition came four months later. During that time, his role as a movie star in Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai required him to have a "beefed up look," which led to him being rejected when it came to the final audition for the Slumdog Millionaire role, which was then given to Dev Patel.[3] Mumtaz's further projects include playing mute brother of tushar kapoor in Golmaal 3,Its a cameo only,Second film he will do is Playing cute crook in sequel of Welcome,Welcome Again.Rumours say that he will be playing a significant role in Rakesh Om Prakash's Film 'All Alone'.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”Martin Luther King

Mujhe Jahan Se Utha Lo Bahut Udas Hoon Main

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bahut sahii, Gam-e-duniyaa, magar udaas na ho
kariib hai shab-e-Gam kii, sahar udaas na ho
bahut sahii

na jaane kab ye tariikaa ye taur badalegaa
sitam kaa Gam kab musiibat kaa daur badalegaa
mujhe jahaa.n se uThaa lo, bahut udaas huu.N mai.n

Decoding The Soul of Dance Terence Lewis (choreographer)

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Terence Lewis (born 10 April 1975) is an Indian choreographer. He was born and raised in Mumbai to a Catholic family.Born to Xavier Lewis and Teresa Lewis, he is the youngest of eight siblings. He is internationally trained and specialises in Indian folk, contemporary and neo-classical dance forms. He is also a choreographer in Bollywood films and musicals.[citation needed] He has been trained nationally and specializes in contemporary dance. Terence has also choreographed a number of films and musicals as a celebrity choreographer. Terence has choreographed a number of stage shows, Indian contemporary performances, Bollywood Shows, corporate launches, Broadway Westend musicals, feature films, several popular music videos, and has appeared in many advertisements. Terence won the American Choreography Award for his excellent choreography for songs of the movie Lagaan along with Saroj Khan, Raju Khan, Ganesh Hegde and Vaibhavi Merchant. He was the mentor for the Dance India Dance winner, Shakti Mohan. He has choreographed international stage shows, mega Bollywood shows, corporate launches, Broadway Westend musicals, feature films, ads and music videos. He is the first Indian to receive the prestigious Dance WEB Scholarship, representing India in Vienna, Austria. Terence represented Asia at the International Choreographers' Meet at the TANZ platform, Stuttgart, Germany. He is also a teacher at Impulstanz Festival at Vienna, Austria since 2007-08 teaching Bollywood and Indian contemporary dance.

He was the choreographer in films like John Mathew's Shikhar and Ram Gopal Verma's Naach. He also did Music videos like Adnan Sami's Kasam (with Amisha Patel), Stereo Nation's Ishq (with Koena Mitra) and Shaan, Saapna Mukherjee among others.

Terence also did international musicals like 'The Children of the sea' and 'Finding Marina' with the Civil War and Tsunami affected children in Sri Lanka.[

God of Dance


ARA, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Tasviron Se Ubharta Hai Sapna Hamara
kaie mod ek kinara ek lamha jisne
hame diya sahara aur ek lamha
bilkul nakara koie jeeta aur koie hara
kioe waqt ka hai dulara aur
ek betha hai raste pe waqt ka mara
ek ladte ladte ho gya allah ko pyara

a poem to my new friend ara

Tut Ne Jaye Spane Main Darta Hoon

With Love From Brazil Our Hearts She Steals

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a solid blow
on the soul of corruption she deals
love for India with a Kiss she seals
a broken fence needs hand to heal
empty stomachs need two square meals
not words through actions only
does our true character reveals
what we are not
through designer threads
we conceal
within the soul of this poem
the broken spoke of a cosmic wheel

Frozen Moment of Victory at Carter Road Bandra

Anna Hazares Call Touches Us All.. Indian Foreigners Big And Small

The American Dream In India

If Wishes Horses Than Photographers Would Fly

Even Our Foreign Friends Want To Fight Against Corruption In India

Main Apse Beintiha Sharminda Hoon

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main allah ka
bandha hoon
yeh sach hai
ke main andha hoon
ap ke teer se
ghayal hua
parinda hoon
adha mara adha
zinda hoon

shayed ap ki nazron main darinda hoon

Even Our Foreign Friends Want To Fight Against Corruption In India

Politics Makes The Common Man A Headless Chicken

Manish Gaekwad Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai

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unki zaban se
unke jumlon se
itna samajh ata hai
facebook se
unka update
firoze bhai yahan
chipkata hai

Manish Gaekwad
Ab se ho jao sab log chaukanna, Anna ne kha liya hai khaana
Aur hum hi nahi khaate-peete, toh kaise uthta jhanda...kaisa bajta naara
'Irom' ek sadi se bhookhi hai, insaaf ka koi toh badha de pyala
Uss satyagraha par bhi gaur ho, jisse Sarkar ne ab tak nahi kuchlaa...nahi maara

If Only Our Country Had Gone To The Dogs and Not Politicians

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indias fight against evil
has just begun anna hazare
won the war but a battle
has to be won from
the jaws of defeat
disillusions despondency
apathy till than our
work is incomplete
not yet done
walk do not run
our collective will
a power engine
we must get rid
of this political poison
two pillars of democracy
scams corruption
our youth the power
of our imagination

Poetizing The Soul of Photography Ara Alexander

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She met me at the recent Gay Parade and she is street savvy street smart street photographer and she is very beautiful.. god created her so she could create beautiful things..and she shoots beautiful pictures , the camera she possesses is the Canon Mach 5 so do I need to tell you more she is professional fashion and celebrity photographer too.

She is humble she shot me and her picture she shot is my new Facebook profile thumbnail.

So I did meet some great talented people here all contributing to the cause of getting rid of the matrix of evil in politics and in our laid back paperback society..

Everyone had something to say in praise of Anna Hazare and the proposed Jan Lokpal bill..

In case you guys are curious about Aras work check out her Facebook page

Ara Alexander

Carlyta Mouhini Fights Against Corruption

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I was meeting her for the first time she added me as friend on Facebook and now it seems I know her since the birth of man such is the karmic connection one human spirit has with another.. she was the driving force with the voice of Moses and the wisdom of Solomon and forgive me if this sounds like Sidhuism..

I had a backlog of pictures I had shot the Victory march at Azad Maidan and Gateway of India on Saturday, I posted over 535 pictures a few poems and this took a lot of time.

Now I know you guys want me to tell you about Carlyta ..

Ok I stole this from her Facebook Info..

Viva Vida, Brazil n India!
Grass root Grammy Award Nominee- 2011-Best Fusion Vocals
Feature Reporter for Media Mag International- Global Movie Mag

I am a firm believer of Hard work and great mental disposition.............. and too fun loving social creation of the Almighty !

A BRIEF ON ME ...................

HI this is Carlyta Mouhini , Singer , performer n Journalist , born in Sao Paulo, Brazil n currently is based in Bombay- India .

I studied in Sao Paulo High School and graduated from Loreto Convent - Cal University with a degree in English, B.Ed, and Diploma in Music and Mass Communication.

After living in Brazil, Spain and South America, having sung and performed as a Flamenco and Salsa performer in several cultural events, Television Shows n concerts worldwide , I decided to move to Mumbai
( Bombay ) since I always wanted to live and explore the vastness of Music, Culture and Journalism in India.

My song ‘Baila con Baul '(Dance Latin with Indo folk lore) has been recently nominated in the 'Grassroots Grammy Awards' in the Best song - Folk Fusion category ( 2011 IN USA )


I am the recent recipient of the prestigious NBC Award as the ‘ Best Singer-International ‘ 2010 for my song fm the film ‘ Wanted ’ !!

Performed n sung for the IIFA Awards weekend in Colombo and
FIFA curtain raiser concert for the SA delegates in Ind with my Live Rock Latin Band 'Viva 2K 'recently.

Presently I am working on my Single Disc and is associated majorly with the World Film and Ind Music Industry and have contributed many hit fusion songs and extensively involved New Fusion Projects in the field of Indo-Latin n Euro co-productions in Music and Art forms.

I also work for 'Media Mag International' as International Feature Correspondent/ Reporter

CHEERS …. N GRACIUS!!! ………… 

And Jai Ho Carlyta for being part of our new Freedom Struggle

Carter Road Comes Alive To Freedom And Victory

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My daughter Samiya told me to go to Carter Road to shoot a victory march organized by Sudipto Chattopadhyay and his friends from Bollywood on Sunday , so limping because of my diabetic leg injury I reached here at about 5 pm and shot the euphoria the newness of camaraderie all for a cause that touches all of us India's Fight Against Corruption.. I am bad with names so I thought I will keep these posts without text , the few I knew here were Manish Gaekwad father of the unscripted pain of film writers , Carlyta Mouhini Ara Alexander Terence Lewis Ruslan Bhupinder Singh and many others I know by face..

This was a small contingent but it had the attention of the public and the media and this limping blogger , there were speeches praises for Annaji and a dance rendition inspired by Annaji choreographed by Terence that evoked the humility of Om on the soul of Man.

This is my new set at Flickr

Ram Navmi राम नौमी

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I shot this today at the Shree Daya Sagar Hanuman Mandir Bandra Bazar Road , this is a beautiful temple tucked way in a lane close to the Ram Mandir Bandra.

I shoot the Hanuman Jyanti Satsang and the procession every year.. The Maharaj from Varnasi was very hapy to see me..

Rama Navami

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rama Navami (Devanāgarī: राम नवमी) also known as Sri Rama Navami (IAST SriRāma-navamī) is a Hindu festival, celebrating the birth of Lord Rama to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya. Rama is the 7th incarnation of the Dashavatara of Vishnu[1][2][3]. The festival falls in the Shukla Paksha on the Navami, the ninth day of the month of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar. Thus it is also known as Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami, and marks the end of the nine-day Chaitra-Navratri celebrations.

At some places the festival lasts the whole nine days of the Navratras, thus the period is called 'Sri Rama Navratra'. [4][5] It is marked by continuous recitals, Akhand Paath, mostly of the Ramacharitamanas, organized several days in advance to culminate on this day, with elaborate bhajan, kirtan and distribution of prasad after the puja and aarti. Images of infant form of Sri Rama are placed on cradles and rocked by devotees. Since Rama is the 7th incarnation of Vishnu having born at noon, temples and family shrines are elaborately decorated and traditional prayers are chanted together by the family in the morning. Also, at temples special havans are organized, along with Vedic chanting of Vedic mantras and offerings of fruits and flowers. Many followers mark this day by Vrata (fasting) through the day followed by feasting in the evening, or at the culmination of celebrations.[1][6][7] In South India,in Bhadrachalam the day is also celebrated as the wedding anniversary of Sri Rama and his consort Sita. Sitarama Kalyanam, the ceremonial wedding ceremony of the celestial couple is held at temples throughout the south region, with great fanfare and accompanied by group chanting of name of Rama, (Rama nama smaranam). [8][9]Where as the marriage is celebrated in Mithila and Ayodhya during another day on Vivaha Panchami as per Valmiki Ramayana.

The important celebrations on this day take place at Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh), Bhadrachalam (Andhra Pradesh) and Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), thronged by thousands of devotees. Rathayatras, the chariot processions, also known as Shobha yatras of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman, are taken out at several places,[1][10][11] including Ayodhya where thousands of people take a dip in the sacred river Sarayu.[12]

In the epic Ramayana, Dasharatha, the Emperor from Ayodhya, had three wives named Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi in the Treta Yuga, which follows the Satya Yuga and is succeeded by Dwapara Yuga. Their greatest worry was that they had no children, and so they had no heir to the throne in the Ikshvaku Kula or royal lineage of great, pious, wonderful Emperors. Rishi Vasistha suggests him to perform Puthra Kamesti Yagna, through which he can have a desired child. He also tells him to bring Maha Rishi Rishyasringa to perform this yagna for him. Emperor Dasharath consents and heads to Maharshi Rushya Shrunga's ashram, to invite him. Maharshi agrees and accompanies Emperor Dasharatha to Ayodhya (Capital of Avadha) and performs the yagna. As the result of this yagna, Yagneshwara appears and provides Dasharatha a bowl of divine pudding or Kheer/Payasam and requests him to give it to his wives. Dasharata gives one half of the payasam to his elder wife Kausalya, and another half to his younger wife Kaikeyi. They both give half of their portions to Sumitra. After few days all three Queens conceive. On the ninth day (Navami) of Chaithra Masa (last month in Vedic calendar), at noon Kausalya gives birth to Rama, Kaikeyi gives birth to Bharata, and Sumitra to twin boys, Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

Rama is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, who takes birth by His own will, on Bhuloka (Earth) when Adharma rules over Dharma. He protects all his devotees by vanquishing the roots of Adharma. Rama decided to incarnate to destroy an Asura or person with demonic and evil designs, called Ravana.
[edit] Natal chart of Rama

Valmiki in his Sanskrit text Ramayan describes the natal or birth chart of young Rama [13], and this day is celebrated as Ramanavami festival throughout India and amongst Indian diaspora [14].:
“ “On completion of the ritual six seasons have passed by and then in the twelfth month, on the ninth day of Chaitra month [March-April], when the presiding deity of ruling star of the day is Aditi, where the ruling star of day is Punarvasu (Nakshatra), the asterism is in the ascendant, and when five of the nine planets viz., Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are at their highest position, when Jupiter with Moon is ascendant in Cancer, and when day is advancing, then Queen Kausalya gave birth to a son with all the divine attributes like lotus-red eyes, lengthy arms, roseate lips, voice like drumbeat, and who took birth to delight the Ikshwaku dynasty, who is adored by all the worlds, and who is the greatly blessed epitome of Vishnu, namely Rama.”

Followers of Hinduism in South India normally perform Kalyanotsavam (marriage celebration) with small deities murtis of Rama and Sita in their homes, and at the end of the day the deity is taken to a procession on the streets. This day also marks the end of the nine-day utsava called Chaitra Navaratri (Maharashtra) or Vasanthothsava (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu) (festival of Spring), which starts with Gudi Padwa (Maharashtra). According to recent astrological studies, some consider his date of birth to be January 10, 5114 B.C. [16][17]
- Book I : Bala Kanda, Ramayana by Valmiki, Chapter (Sarga) 18, Verse 8, 9, 10 and 11 [15]

Some highlights of this day include

* Kalyanam, a ceremonial wedding performed by temple priests
* Panakam, a sweet drink prepared on this day with jaggery and pepper.
* Procession of murtis in the evening, accompanied by playing with water and colours.

For the occasion, Followers of Hinduism fast or restrict themselves to a specific diet in accordance to VedaDharma. Vedic temples are decorated and readings of the Ramayana take place. Along with SriRama, people also worship Sita, Rama's wife; Lakshmana, Rama's brother; and Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Rama and the leader of his army in the battle against the asura Ravana.

SriRama Navami is dedicated to remembering Rama, as the most Supreme with resolute Bhakti (devotion). It occurs on the ninth day, or navami beginning count from the "no moon day" or Amavasya, during the waxing moon duration called "Shukla Paksha". Sri Rama Navami generally occurs in the months of March and April. Celebrations and festivities begin with prayer to the Surya Deva early in the morning. At midday, when Rama incarnated on that day in Treta Yuga, that duration is special and hence devotional service to him is performed with Bhakti and peity.

The Kalyanam performed in the Bhadrachalam Temple, in Andhra Pradesh is very famous.[18]

A number of ISKCON temples introduced a more prominent celebration of the occasion of the holiday with the view of addressing needs of growing native Hindu congregation. It is however always was a notable calendar event on the traditional Gaurabda calendar with a specific additional requirement of fasting by devotees.[19]

Sri Rama Navami is shared with Swaminarayan Jayanti, the birth of Swaminarayan, who was born in the village of Chhapaiya in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
[edit] Rama Rajya
Main article: Ram Rajya (The rule of Rama)

Rama Rajya, the reign of Sri Rama is a rare duration of peace and prosperity bestowed by him alone. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of modern India used this divine term to describe how he felt India should be run post-Independence from the British monarchy. This festival commemorates the birth of Sri Rama who is remembered for his prosperous and righteous reign.

In Northern India, an event that draws popular participation is the Rama Navami procession, also called Ratha Yatra. The main attraction in this procession is a gaily decorated chariot in which four persons enact the divine pastimes of Rama, His brother Lakshmana, His queen Sita and His pure devotee, Hanuman. The chariot is accompanied by several other persons dressed up in ancient costumes as Rama's soldiers. The procession is a gusty affair with the participants praising echoing the blissful days of Rama's rule as the Supreme Emperor on Bhuloka (Earth).