Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Street Barbers Are Not Called Stylists

their dreams held in
captivity on a chair
where the customer
sits. .thats it .
moving fingers
dancing wrists
chewing gutka
on the road he
spits ..looking
in the mirror
two heads
two faces
he continues
with his
the tailor
ran away
with the
to wit
the towns
at his
his tongue
his gift
his mind
his scissors
no rift
the flesh
was willing
the spirit
drifts ,,

What Was Mr Rajesh Khanna Thinking

at the crossroad of fame life death
alone in a crowded world arclights
what was the superstar thinking
did he know that a part of him
was dying sinking it had nothing
do with his drinking ,,he was
tired of this pretentious world
where friends turned foes
crystal wineglasses that broke
while clinking ,,deep in his
thoughts his last film riyasat
he sat his eyes blinking
getting ready to go away
from this world nauseous
selfish stinking.. death
with a heavily painted face
of an actor looked at him
winking.. his morbid eyes
vacuous empty hollows
glinting,,,was he preposterously
hinting time up pack up
no re thinking...

on his second death anniversary 18 july 2014

The Spirit Of Ramzan Shastri Nagar Santa Cruz

The people of this area predominantly Muslims have made a stall , they have bought fruits dates at wholesale and are selling it to the residents at cost , no profit no loss ..
And during Ramzan our state government watches helplessly impotently as hoarders profiteers loot the Muslim community by raising the prices of fruits vegetables and dry fruits..And a few politicians will open such stalls only to see that this brings them returns during their re election ,,
I have yet to come across any politician giving an iftar party for beggars and the poor .these Iftar parties are a political
expedience and a slap on the true worth of our spiritual idealism.

And I hope this Ramzan you pray for those that wont celebrate Ramzan being displaced homeless refugees in Iraq and other Muslim countries where ironically it is the Muslim that loves killing Muslims In Ramzan..And jihaddists who murder rape loot .. are definitely not following the tenets of Islam Or the Holy Prophet or Ahle Bayt ,, irrespective of Shia Sunni Kurd Salafi Wahhabi or ,,any other faith.

Life In The Bandra Slums

views on my photos 30 June 2014 48,673

no rains heat humidity
open gutters home of
germs little kids breed
here like worms allah
blesses them their
full term ..eat live
shit wipe their bums
a vote bank this
muslim slums
created by
mafia dons
local scum

You Need To Be A Poet To Shoot Barbers The Way I Shoot

shaven souls
snatched scalps
minus roots ..
barbed like
rusty razors
prevail over
sanity as they
groom the would
be soon to be
maritally destroyed
told the barber
holding the fruit
of the loom
ja biwi ka hath
chum teri chandiya
par unka broom
chup baithne jab
pade dande
background music
dhishum dhishum

Clipping The Indian Nostril

devious skill
follicles out
of the cavernous
orifice of the nose
jut out spill ..
a task uphill
a sweet bitter
pill to much of
anything ,makes
one ill ..if you are
broke than who
foots the bill
so get rid of
nostril hair
just be cool
chill before
you croak
even if you
are broke
make your
will ..

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

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