Thursday, October 15, 2015

She Thought I Was A Mystic

she asked me politely
sir can you read my
future tell me what is
in store for me ,,she
begged me pleadingly
will i get a good husband
caring who would give
me love take me as his
wife for my inner beauty
a husband who wont
beat me or demand
dowry a husband who
wont burn me she
went on frighteningly
i am a poor hawker
selling her wares on
the street but i have
dreams deep within me
i heard her silently
i touched her head
father like blessed her
wishing her a good
husband finally ..
two children a nice
home in the jhopadpati
seeing her smile ,,i shot
this picture stole her soul
leaving her to her thoughts
that she was more stronger
than me ,, in her faith in
her resolve than me ,,,
as she became the heroine
of my stray street shots poetry

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