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i was caught in the net of her deceit

she took me for a ride
fraudulent machinations
cosmic circle of evil
she was a cockteaser
a cheat she robbed me
of my feelings my emotions
my love i encountered my
first romantic defeat
my love on the internet
a complete disaster
a complete failure
a grand kick of her
high heels on my
humble backseat
it was her sweet
angelic face her
beaming heaving
bosom bursting at
the seams that
conned entrapped
me a beggar poet
barefeet ..her posterior
her hourglass shape
those pendulous
movements those
shapely feet
oh friend alex
now you know
why i dont shoot
legs ..memories
that bludgeon me
a poet incomplete
dehydrated dreams
 i tried to
erase delete ,,
this polygamous
philandering got
the better of me
when i realized one
in the hand is better
than the entire bush
my languishing libido
over pumped adrenalin
yes canine like it was
me not her on heat
i saved my poetic
ass .. at least ,,

The Dhuni Of The Rafaees At Makhdhoom Shah Babas Dargah Mahim

During the Urus of Holy Saint Makhdhoom Shah Baba at Mahim,which is celebrated with great pomp splendor , inaugurated by a grand procession by the Mahim police and the police pay tribute to him by placing a Chaddar and sandal paste at His Holy Shrine , with this ceremony the Urus commences for 10 days , and there is a huge fair at the seafront .

Huge crowds come to the Holy Shrine , from all over Mumbai and many part of India such is his following known as Kutba e Konkan and the pride of Mumbai .. promoter of peace tolerance and coexistence Hindus Muslims all communities come to the Dargah for holistic healing offer prayers take his Blessings .

Now hidden away from the crowds , hidden away from the Main Dargah , at the back of the Holy Shrine is the seat of the Rifai Silsila  , that can be accessed from the back via the police lane too.. or via the Dargah.

The Rafaees or Rifais are followers of a Sufi Saint Ahmed Rifai from Iraq and descendant of the Holy Prophets lineage .

The Rifai…

The Umbrella Lady Of Bandra Reclamation Died Unsung

I documented the life of this homeless lady who sat her life under an umbrella , protecting her from the harsh rays of the sun or the heavy monsoons  she survived most of the seasons , and strangely her entire life I never saw her stand or walk... she just sat . I caught her bathing one day ,  sitting washing her self with her skirt raised to her chest.

Would she have survived this winter 13 C I dont know , but she died silently , the tea stall lady where she sat told me the municipal hearse took her corpse away ,, now there is a soundless void where she sat.

My grandkids gave her the money they saved for her in their piggy banks and my grandkids shot her too, she touched them with hope she touched them with compassion.

And such are stories woven as images by the cosmic camera ..I do miss shooting her .. and this is a very old picture of hers .. I never heard her talk her entire life was speechless remorse .. but she lived died on her own terms .. without being a burden on anyone els…