Saturday, November 23, 2013

So Many Elections Have Come And Gone

but what they
promised so
eloquently in
their passionate
speeches has
yet to be born
once they sat
on the saddle
of power what
little hope that
i held on too
already gone
the rising price
of onions essential
commodities water
bill power bill
life goes on
oh mother india
shut your eyes
your daughters
raped ..acid thrown
on their faces
their deaths i mourn
the tiranga weeps
hung upside down
tattered and torn
death and democracy
a new day has dawned

Hey Photographer ,, Spare Me Some Coins

but dont steal my soul
my paper thin highly
breakable soul..
trying to grow up
like a creeper on
a wall this delhi cold
there is a nip in
the air ..a new
day unfolds
a bubble like
life of my misfortune
in its trembling palm
hot embers of coal
that lady luck holds
working on this
wretched traffic
signal i am five
year old...

i shot her picture
life like her daring
her innocence bold

Home is A Heaven On Earth

where you live
comfort peace
hope harmony
that god gives
on the street
of despair
your bad
your karma

It Was Political Wishful Thinking That Meals Can Be Had At Juma Masjid For Rs 5

Today I Finally Deactivated My Facebook Account For Censorship and Anti- Shia Hate By A Few Facebook Friends