Thursday, December 25, 2014

With The Power Vested In The Camera We Make Things Visible

shooting the soul of
humanity never a
moment dull you
could count the
feathers of a seagull
invoking the inner angst
anger pain despair locked
in the cavernous human skull
silhouette of silence and lull

Its Only When You Shoot Pictures They Become Memories

This was shot at Mr KG Maheshwarijis house on his birthday , many years back..

I did speak to the Sikh photographer once but we lost contact.

Both Mr KG Maheshwari and Mr Anil Bhartiya left for their heavenly abode.

I am in bed since a few days with a serious viral infection and being treated by Dr  RD Parmar or perhaps I would have gone out and shot the Chritmas Eve Mass at St Peter Church Bandra .

Mr Maheshwariji before passing away was very keen to meet both my photo shooting grand daughters Marziya Shakir and Nerjis Asif Shakir ,,,

I dont know if I will ever visit his house again.. a chapter ended for me forever.

Leaving behind these memories that I was lucky to have shot ,, I was not invited to his prayer meeting by his family nor at my camera club PSI Mumbai  is the sad  story of a beggar poets life.