Monday, October 14, 2013

Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir 14 Month Old

Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi World Famous Irani Chaiwala ..Mahim Ka Rehnewala ..Bambai Ka Bashinda ..Bahut Hi Dilwala ..No Mirchi No Masala ..No Gussa No Phekam Phak Karnewala .. Zindagi Ko Behad Chahnewala ..Insaniyat Ki Hifazat ..Apne Mulk Par Naz Karnewala .. Parsis Astish Prast Zorastrian Irani KI Naslon ko Chai se Nikhar Lanewala ..Sab Ko Ek Sath Lekar Chalnewala ..Mansoor Bhai .. Hindu Muslim Jain Sikh Isai ..Ko Ek Nazar Se Dekhnewala...Is Malang .. Beggar Poet ..ko Apni Film main Footage Denewala...Facebook pe sab ka apna Irani Chaiwala ...

Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir 14 Month Old On Canon 60 D .. At Lucky Irani restaurant Bandra ..
Her Humble Tribute to a Great Man Of Destiny..

Because I Shot Timelessness ,,,, My Pictures Are Poetry Of Life

in spirit
i move
on a
time machine
through the
power of
what was
once shot
seen.. now
re appears
jai durga
of bengal
on juhu beach
sweet serene
pictures may
have been born
through a camera
it is poetry you
nurture wean
giving wings
to imagination
returning you
to your childhood
your bubbly teen
those once upon
a time singular
unfading scenes ..

Kab Tak Jalao Ge Jai Shankar Ki Ek Din Khub Pachtaoge ,,,

apne ap ko sudharo
warne bahut jaldi
bigadte samaj ke
sath tum bhi jal
jaoge .. ham toh
laut ke ate hain
har sal tum toh
phir kabhi laut
ke wapas nahi
a paoge ,,

Shreekant Malushte My Humble Guru of Photography ,,

Once Upon A Time At Shivaji Park.. For Me It Did Not Come Dobara...Ravan Jeeta Main Hara..

Bolo Durga Maiki Jay

Yeh Sal Ravanji Hamse Rut Gaye ..

Unhe Pata Tha Ham Bhi Andar Se Jalte Jatte Toot Gaye ...Sare Arman Patli Gali Se Phut Gaye ....

ye zindagi ke mele, duniyaa mein kam na honge afsos ham na honge

ye zindagi ke mele
ye zindagi ke mele,
duniyaa mein kam na honge
afsos ham na honge
ik din padegaa jaanaa, kyaa waqt, kyaa zamaanaa
koyi na saath degaa, sab kuchh yahin rahegaa
jaayenge ham akele, ye zindagi ke mele …
duniyaa hai mauj-e-dariyaa, qatre ki zindagi kyaa
paani mein mil ke paani, anjaam ye ke paani
dam bhar ko saans le le, ye zindagi …
hongi yahi bahaaren, ulfat ki yaadagaaren
bigadegi aur chalegi, duniyaa yahi rahegi
honge yahi jhamele, ye zindagi …

shakeel badayuni

Guru Aur Chela ..

Chela Thakela Akela
Colorful Tailor ,,,.
Zindagi Ek Qaid Waqt Hai Jailor

Guru Young Vibrant Vivacious
The Camera His Boat ,,, Guru Evergreen Sailor

This Year I Was Not Destined to Shoot The Mother Goddess

of life
ups downs
i passed her
at bandra
shivaji park
i knew her
but just could
not get to shoot
her ..a sincere close
i could get..
her mahima
her benevolence
her human interest
a void in my chest
that i could not
get my grand daughter
nerjis to shoot her
has me depressed
perhaps next year
i might be blessed
without diabetic
problems life
all messed
unduly stressed
devo atithi bhava
god is guest,,,
in a poetic

My Humble Apologies To My Bengali Friends

This year for the first time I was not destined to shoot Goddess Durga.. I had planned to take my young grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir shoot the same , but things did not fall in place , i was caught up with time bound urgent work.. and the moment passed me by..

My health too is not at its peak..swollen legs ,, and my diabetes....both my wife and I have been working on an assignment and there is no spare moment..last evening I carried my camera to an event of my best friend Dr Mansoor Showghi Yedis film premiere at Sophia Bhabha .. Cafe Irani Chai along with my friend Advocate Abbas Kazmi , I thought I would shoot Bengal Club on my return , but I passed it and was in real bad shape so did not stop..

This morning too has been very hectic getting my work organized..and I have just returned home...Today is mt third grand childs Zinnia Fatimas 2 nd birthday ..we did not celebrate it due to sad day on the Shia calendar.

I have put my legs in salt water .. as I blog my restless my humble apologies ...this is picture of my favorite pandal Nutanpally Bandra Durgotsab shot a few years back nostalgic memory ....