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Shia Shabbarat All Souls Day and 15 Shaban

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Before my mother died she handed over the list of my forefathers , our ancestors , to my Lucknow born wife so my wife recites prayers remembers our dead on this day including her forefathers too, she is a Qazilbash and her ancestry is much longer than mine.

And my wife now has my grand daughter Marziya Shakir 4 year old helping out with the prayers of the dead , halwa puri made at home that will be given to the poor.

On 15 Shaban the following morning Marziya and my wife went to Gateway of India to place the Arzis in sea , and this day is celebrated as the birthday of our 12 Imam in Occultation known as the Mahdi or Imame Zamana.

The Grave Of Nawab Kashmiri Actor

his is the grave of Nawab Kashmiri , and it was at his house at Colaba Wodehouse Road that my father Mohomed Shakir bought us live from the shanty our first house close to a Hindu crematorium , and this was an opulent house though it served as the Late Nawabs family servants quarters..and the building was called Khatau Bhuvan opp Military Quarters , and is today called Jony Castle..

The Nawb Kashmiris children :

Akthar (Baji) Kashmiri daughter lives with her kids in the States her husband predeceased her in Pakistan.

Anwar Kashmiri son deceased

Munawar Kashmiri .. stays at Juhu with his wife and a daughter in the States.

And a nephew Ajay Kashmiri in Mumbai..

I owe a lot to Akhthar Baji for my education and my upbringing.

Reliving the Pain of Bibi Sakina at Guru Nanak Park Juloos

Lanat on Yazeed

faith that moves mountains
as we bleed
metaphoric movements
blood sweat and tears
thoughts and deed
as we curse hurl abuses
on the killers of imam hussain
lanat on the enemies of ahle bayt
the father of jehaddi terrorism
born of a serpent seed
like father like son
lanat on mauwiyah and yazeed
hussain is humanity
yes indeed
beloved grandson
of the holy prophet
72 against the yazidi hordes
he did lead
the battle of karbala
was a battle to save Islam
from Yazids political greed
imperialistic hegemony
black chapter in the history of Islam
accursed chapter we do not need
to avoid muslims killing muslims
the Imam said let me go to Hindustan
where people live in peace
let me go there he did plead
but Yazid did not heed
hussain gave his head
but not his hand
at Karbala the killing field
yes Hussain our Faith
leading us to Allah
Our Hope
Our Destiny
Nade Ali
Our Protecting Shield

Shia Pandit Hindu Shia

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condemned for
telling the truth
that racism exists
in poetry and photography
he took a direct hit
because harsh truth
no one ever likes it
his antagonists
shia haters and baiters
call him shia pandit

he dresses up
like a hindu
i must admit
the saffron of his soul
they throw up a fit
brahma vishnu mahadev
his cultural inheritance
to think of it
but two months eight days
its black clothes
blood sweat and tears
tightly knit
freely to transmit
beat him , debar him
he wont quit

karbala and ashura
tears on the soul
of humanity
his holy writ
on the enemies
of ahle bayt
lanat on
the killers of hussain
he does spit

SHIITES AND SHIAISM, Shi'aism, Shia, Shias, Shî'ah, sheee, shi ...
yes allah ho akbar
you said it

Main Panjtani Hoon.....Pyaray Khan

Main Panjtani Hoon.....

Marziya Shakir And Uncle Saif Shakir

A Humble Shia Muslim Wedding .. Of Saif Shakir

A Humbe Shia Muslim Wedding .. Of Saif Shakir

Two Street Photographers

Marziya Shakir in a Bind

Marziya Shakir

Sword Matam Memories

This is my favorite shot, it is the rose water being sprinkled on them, the heavy built person on the left of the sword matamdar is Sameer , he too is an expert with the sword.
Mumbai matamdars use the sword for slashing the back.
In Lucknow at Dargah Hazrat Abbas is a caterer called Guddu Bawarchi, he uses the curved Punjabi sword to cut his head as kama matam, he is dark , well built, the moment he grabs the sword, people run helter skelter, he is vicious, he knows people will try to snatch the sword from his hand so charges into the crowds like a raging bull..and finally stops it himself when he is a mask of blood.
And unlike other cities on 11th Moharam, a day after Ashura blood gore, when people rest , the Lucknowis have a Juloos at Dargah Hazrat Abbas in memory of Zainul Abeddin the fourth Imam son ofHazrat Imam Hussain.
This one juloos is a sight one must not miss, the alams , the taboots and the releasing of the Zuljana, the replica of the Steed of the Imam into the crowds, he charges rushes into the Dargah and bangs his head on the Mausoleum.
I could not shoot the last scene as I was perched on a height of a porch tower that faces both sides the crowds and the courtyard in the front and the Dargah Hazrat Abbas at the back.

Madhur Bhandarkar Meets Street Fashion

"Mee Hai Koli"

"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device"

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

Muslims Love Killing Muslims ..

My Kama Matam Chehlum Mumbai 2012 by firoze shakir photographerno1

some say
it is not part
of the creed
but i bleed
killing muslims
much before
the tyranny of yazid
a serpent seed
it was imam hussains
ultimate sacrifice
from this bondage
had us freed
but muslims
being muslims
are back to power
back to greed
away from
the message
of peace brotherhood
bombs exploding
every eid
the poor muslim
begs in a hijab
with her child
on the street
by karmic fate
a cosmic stampede
running amok
rogue mullahs
in the lead
a weeping reed
a wanting seed
all around
dead bodies
blown up hope
is this what
we really need

The Shakirs of Bandra

The Shakirs of Bandra


two street photographers of rural bandra

Grand Pa Get Me Out Of Here ...