Thursday, June 12, 2014

Once Upon A Time At The MahaKumbh

I believe if the Maha Kumbh was in competent hands , well advertised this could have been the turning point in Spiritual Tourism.. sadly this was badly organized , and if it stood the tst of time it was because of the Akhadas and the indomitable indefatigable Sadhu Samaj.

There was no proper transport within the Maha Kumbh from one sector to the next the foreigners local tourists were being fleeced by crooked ricksha guys  , and as usual the UP cops turned the other way..
even the boatmen were making merry.

There were robbers having a field day stealing camera of the foreign photographers .. it was a total mess and perhaps we are not used to holding such events ,, though we have so much organizational skills and talent..and Mr Azham Khansab and Mr Akhileshji taking credit fr the success of The Maha Kumbh  made me laugh..

The Allahabad station was no less than a huge fish market .. total chaos touts running the show .. and sheer negligence and apathy.

The Maha Kumbh.. Moments I Have Kept Alive As Memories .

i tried to freeze ..
with the aid of my
cosmic camera ,,
moments on lease
i held them nurtured
them as a message
of hope and hindutva
universal peace ..
moments such as
these the holy dip
shahi snan ling kriya
spiritual serenity
mind body at ease
a malang a naga sadu
two sides of a coin
seeking hope love
release ..touched
by a karmic breeze