Monday, April 21, 2014

You Intrigue Me Dear Friend

I like to think that every person comes into our life for a reason, a season or a life time.... even if it is just that passing stranger one smiles at on the street. There is a reason for that smile and that interaction. Sometimes we push a forever person away thinking they are only in our life for a reason or a season. Other times we cling to someone who we think should be in our life for a lifetime, but was only meant to be there a season. The internet has opened so many avenues of thought and experience sharing.....

Haunting Words Of A Friend ,, To Her Words My Picture I lend ,,Women Empowerment is Lip Service By Our
Government ..Vote And Repent ..
We Ink our finger to send our
representative to Pepper Spray
The Fools Parliament ..

Both Ladies And Gent ..
Formless Content ..Came Saw
Went ..Dance Of Democracy..
Send Muslims To Pakistan ..rants
shouts with Evil Intent....Tears on
The Soul of Counterfeit Secularism.
Mischief Hellbent ..Damaged
Full of Dents ,,

Urdu hai mera naam main Khusrau ki paheli

Urdu hai mera naam main Khusrau ki paheli
Main Meer ki humraaz hun Ghalib ki saheli

Kyun mujhko banate ho tassub ka nishana
Maine to kabhi khud ko musalmaan nahi maana

Dekha tha kabhi maine bhi khushiyo ka zamana
Apne hi watan me hun agar aaj akayli

Iqbal Ashar

Rest In Peace Advocate Adhik Shirodkar Sab..

The Bandra Where I Live Is Dying Of Neglect..

every five year
hands folded
with a plastic
smile as effect
they plead
cajole with
false promises
our partys candidate
you must vote elect
besides faulty paved
roads with far too
many defects they
gave rising prices
open gutters a filthy
town hall market
nothing else we
should expect
builder politician
nexus system
under suspect
insult to the
poor mans
common sense
robbed of
ancestral heritage
tears on the soul
of the east indian
to reflect..rebuild
broader roads
to make the rich
man richer on the
abode of the
poor slum dwellers
start another profitable
project. ..tell us now
must we suffer
another 5 years
must we re -elect
when nothing is
perfect  NOTA
the reply our
single silent
for better
prospects .
our leaders .
the common man
the poor man
total disconnect

Even Stray Dogs Are Treated Better Than Muslim Beggars

a skull cap protects his head ,
dog like legs he moves ahead .
.the sweaty street serves
as his bed .in a bowl he is
fed sometimes he curses
his fate wishes he was dead
 ..hands legs spread..those
who created him at birth fled ..
living dread ..his eyes
reflect his pain his pathos blood
red ,,underfed ..the sweat of his
brow he earns his daily bread

The Cosmic Circle Of Street Pain

humans bound to their
bedraggled destiny in
rusty heavy chains dreaming
of a better tomorrow
a dying hope remains..elusive
running down the gutter drain
mortal shreds of insanity
living with the sane ..
caught between a whirlwind
of a coagulated heart
dead brain ..the child
hungry thirsty a
sleeping god complains