Friday, March 2, 2012

i hate human beings ...after they have used me as a pup they throw me out on the streets

The East Indian Home Bandra

God Created A Signature He Gave Each One a Face ..Before He Created The Human Race

women are butchers they hang a mans flesh by his balls

they make
mince meat
of his humanly emotions
in the valley of the dolls
to his open wounds
they add salt to a
good mans
divine devotion they
always find fault
the march of a woman
trampling the soul of man
even god could not halt
as these ungrateful
creatures of connivance
mans sweet affections
attack and assault

women are butchers hangs a mans flesh by his balls

Tuta Hua Dil Aur Phoolon Ka Guldasta Kuch Aur Deta Toh Zaroor Phasta

The Flickr Space Ball Tool Has Gone Rusty Anyone Can Steal Your Pictures .

And Flickr does not care a bit you have a problem about this than contact Yahoo Copyright Infringement so they pas the buck conveniently ..and this is the only thing that hurts at Flickr .. this callous attitude towards our pictures our intellectual property..

Think Flickr Think
or you will end up
the garbage sink
the filth and the stink

8:55 AM (23 hours ago)

to me

What a tragic situation that your pix have been stolen at Flicker. I feel so sorry for your loss.The mis-use of your images is, however, beyond your control. With best intentions and the soul of a poet you have recorded these incredible images, and released them into the universe. You are an artist of extreme depth and amazing understanding. Even I have wanted to steal your images to continue looking at the beauty you have captured. You have generously shared your photos, so stealing is unnecessary. Consider that the beauty you created is still being beautiful somewhere else...and continue creating more. You have plenty more beauty where these images came from...YOUR HEART!

Being a Dawrf I Can Easily Pass Through The Eye of a Needle

Beggar Poets Live Breathe in a Fucked Cosmic Cage ..

The Bandra Worli Rich Mans Sea Link..Think Mumbaikar Think

our politics
a sordid
garbage mound
that stinks
after every
in a quicksand
we sink
the poor grovel
at the feet of the rich
in jimmy choo and mink
our city is a friendly
color of pink
good looking guys
adam teasing
as they wink
our fucked fingers
to our fucked fate
we dont ink
our soul
to hypocrisy
homophobic hate
chains on
our feet
that clink
we live on
the edge
falling of
the brink

We Cannot Build a Bridge to Fill The Gap Between The Poor And The Rich

we are
we abstain
from voting
on election day
our tents at Alibagh
we pitch we make
corrupt crooked
politicians rich
we grumble
we complain
we get fucked
we bitch
we bitch
we bitch
only because
of our attitude
our callousness
we fall in a
cosmic ditch
screwed up
5 years itch

man would have been immortal...but god created the End

my camera was born with human vision

The Hijab is a Garment That Is Unnecessarily Misunderstood

the hijab
is not a weapon
of mass destruction
to be banned
its a cloth like hood
traditional identity
of a muslim woman
whose heart is human
not wood it is a racist
thought to call
it a garment
of bondage
the west has
not yet understood

Who made you a beggar little girl

the world is
an oyster
crying in pain
pearl like tears
on the soul
of humanity
yet again
i shoot
what i see
held to
fetters rusty
cosmic chain
before god
created man
he bequeathed
him immortal pain
he crucified
jesus on the cross
he ingrained
he saved
through hussain

my world is very different from yours..

Thank you Georgette
pain is what binds
one man to another
the only human religiosity
on the net what you
give is what you get
that we are one
we must not forget
we borrow from god
we borrow from nature
we are always in debt
on Google+ we met

The Hijab

Three Idiots

What Would Happen If The Barber Went Crazy ...

The Worlds Youngest Street Photographer Shares Her Birthday With a Great Man

24 November god planned
as the day to usher a bond
between a child and a great man
as he watches her protects her
on a wall silhouette of a superman

Mohar Lagai Panja Jiske Bal The Woh Bhi Ho Gaya Ganja