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Games that Poets Play

Games that Poets Play
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 A poet is Gods conscience
He describes through words Gods
Godliness extracting the beauty
Of nature mind and men
Rivers running through his pen
Metaphors, hidden unhidden
A poet crushed by financial burdens
Alimony divorce remorse all possible
Ball crushing emotions still speaks sense
Poems are giving back to God
What God gave to men
So it surprises me the contemporary poet
When he rubbishes poetry and talks non sense
I don’t have to be a Ginsburg Amichai Neruda
I don’t need to be Anselm Adam when I see
The world I live in through my lens
I write words as they flow from
My consciousness a world different from yours
So you pompous bag of air why do you take offense?
Matter over mind so dense.
Living in the glory of a Past Tense .
Unlearn the art of living and giving
Before you try mending a fence.
Come out from beneath the mask of you poetic pretense
What more can I say of your multi color hate
Is this not enough in my def…

Street Kids Yoga at Carter Road,


Street Kids Yoga at Carter Road,


Street Kids Yoga at Carter Road,

Street Kids Yoga at Carter Road,
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Here street kids means those underpriviliged kids who study on the road, the promenade of Bandra s elite Carter Road.Classes here are held in the morning under the guidance of a handicapped senior citizen Mr Singh.
Mr Singh is all alone , but there are volunteers who impart their teaching knowledge to the kids, all seasons including the rains.
The joggers ,walkers pool in , donating money for the kids to buy school books, the kids , well they love this place, their parents work as watch men to celebrity bungalows and buildings that line this waterfront, their mothers work for opulent residents of Pali Hill and Carter Road .
The kids enjoy their pictures being taken but love Mr Singh immensely..The irony is Mr Singh wanted a small place on the promenade for a school for these kids but all appeal fell on deaf ears, yet a political honcho got a book stall ear marked for a disabled person on the promenade ,this is…

Wiladat Bibi Zainab

Wiladat Bibi Zainab
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

I think without Bibi Zainab..Karbala what it means to us Shias would have been unknown, though the Oppressors tried to erase the happenings at Karbala , with everything at their disposable ,Karbala would not be buried in the Sands.. it rose as a sandstorm.. weeping blood.. the cries of the children reverbrate in the silence of the Ummayad shame.. Karbala is short cut to God.. a just God.. I am not surprised the amounts spent by the oppressors to distort History..they did with brilliant empty hearted Rhetoric.. Karbala lived in the tunes of a barefeet man who wore black and walked on Ashura.. playing the sepulchral Shenai, Karbala lived not because a great Orator recited the happening to the Aazareen from the Mimber, Karbala lived because of the great Mother Bibi Fatima her covenant with God the Almighty the birth of a race called Shias who for 1400 yea…

Its Newspapers and Not News that Sells

Its Newspapers and Not News that Sells
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 the newspapers have to sell..
sensationalize stories that yell
on the mind of the starved reader
cast a magical spell
of rape of a six year child
teacher sodomizes young boy
man cuts arm to appease kali
the only available material
salman khan black buck killing
raise hell
sanjay dutt yerwada jail
in an anda cell
alistair pereira not all well
14 year old raped in car
by cyber cafe owner
on such matter dwell
prostitutes from ukraine
caught soliciting in a delhi hotel
land scam , stamp paper scam
a foul stink and smell
indian news papers excel
main stream media no 1 villain
a forgotten thought in a bubble shell
an outlook on life to repel
in the valley gunda raj
terrorists and some uniformed
military personnel
the poor has no place
on the first page of mumbai times
only king khan Sharukh big bucks
that a cat bell or bimbettes and bombshells
cosmetic enhancements faces that mask well
newspapers dead next moring
as radd…

Mother India on Independance Day

Mother India on Independance Day
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Happy Independance Day
To those who are living
And to those who gave us
This gift of Freedom
Closed their eyes and passed away
60 years on this day
The andolans the satyagrahas
The sacrifice of departed
Freedom fighters already forgotten today
Encounter killings
Country click fraud
Political pollution
Religious bigotry
Marginalizing minorities
Rich getting richer
Defrauding the Nation today
the branch that we sit on
with our own hands we slay
The little girl sells our countries flag
Tricolor..Tiranga on the streets
Without any destinations on her way
Her smile , her innocence her bloom
And we pay her anyway
From her poverty rises
India a hope a dawn
A dream we Indians
As Indians repay
Outstretched hands of our independence
Not depending on anyone today
Mother India..a mother all the way
Even Gods take shelter in bodies of clay

The Girl Child 60 Years of Freedom

The Girl Child 60 Years of Freedom
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 People seem to hate the girl child.
Worst people hate the harshness of my words on the girl child, what I have done to earn their ire fails me, some people shadow boxing on my views on the girl child, sparring over a kind of tree that perhaps does not grow in their garden.
I have a thought why you guys don’t want immigrants from the 3rd world, you don’t want your powdered nose to be dragged into a mire of the stories you read in newspapers.. most of them are true..
I talk of India nothing else concerns me, no, not even China, I know a family living on the streets of Bhendi Bbazar, on the pavement and on the main road, no ambushed by lane, this lady sells gemstones on a charpoy, a cane and twine bed,, she is robust and has about a dozen kids, big ones, the sons are all into drugs, smoking, and the daughters are like canned juice, the glass ones break very fast, the daughters have kids, daughters of course, o…

Buy a Flag Bring Home India Today

Buy a Flag Bring Home India Today
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 15th August
60th Independence Day
Will last for a day
Like a drop of tear on
Cheek of a nation
Will soon fade away
Each year it comes
To take stock
In shock it moves away
Hindi blaring songs
Aye Mere Watan ke Logon
Mere Desh ki Dharti
Rang de Basanti
Evergreen songs that play away
Politicians hoisting the flag
Jai Hind nothing more to say
Yes from a shanty they have come a long way
400 crores in a few years collected over the years
What a pay rest stashed in a Swiss Bank
By the havala racketeers every day
The child selling our countries Flag
Wakes us from our stupor
Yes its truly Independance Day
Holding our Pride delicately at Traffic signals
Outside the St Peters Church with a grin and smile
They say buy a flag bring home India Today..

Born in Captivity The Indian Girl Child

Born in Captivity The Indian Girl Child
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 This is the Indian beggar girl child , I put my Ajmer pictures on hold, I shoot the girl child every Independance day 15th August , my pictures are unique , not for its inherent pictorial value , but for the thoughts in the mind of my little subject , who think I am crazy , jewelled hands, silver stick , blonde hair, or my quintessential turban to hide my poetic pictorial genius from other denizens that also shoot for the press, distorted reality pictures.. it shames me , high end cameras and low end images.
Photojournalism here in this part of Mumbai sucks..
The same names , the same pictures, no poetry no heart in the story of the picture.
The Indian photojournalist has never heard of makeover , the only makeover is the latest company sponsored digital gizmo...creativity is zilch as in zero...
And my photography goes beyond the eye of the camera , I am a father of a girl child , a more well off girl ch…

Sare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara

Sare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 15th August Independance Day St Peters Church Bandra

This is hand held shot , this was set up for me by the Holy Spirit I think, the dog well , he attends Mass like the rest of the Congregation, he is a wise one, much wiser than those who sin and confess.And he too the Holy Spirit wanted me to shoot, I was dressed in my traditional best , but with a white and silver turban.

And though there are some stares but they know I mean no harm and St Peters Church is as much my parish as theirs., this I shot before I went to the school hall, to shoot the St Stanislaus 15th August celebratiions.

And among all those who read me at Buzznet there is only one lady The Alaskan Fern who is always worried about me , we did share some intimate moments , but we are great friends and soul mates.

And she remembered me as I remembered all my American friends on July 4th 2006.

" I hope that you enjoyed a day filled

with the c…

Fucked Forums of Hate

Fucked Forums of Hate
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Fucked Forums of Hate
Androgynous poets
In this hell hole
Rush where angels fear to mate
More hate procreate
Poetics and poetry discussion
Nothing but poets and poetry berate
Bitching back biting everything
But good upbringing sense of humanity negate
Some good poets most third rate
Some over the hill
Some out of date
Some crooked some gay some straight
Some with over bursting prostate
Some seeking entry at St Peters Gate
Some deep down under with
Multi racial trait
Quote Unquote Misquote
Nothing but the color of a mans
Foreskin debate egos inflate
Women poets menopausal
Tired out teeth grate
Endless wait
No mate
Dehydrated vaginal monologues
Customized Ready Maid
Censorship at Poem hunter
Only includes certain words
Rest outdate
Sparing dickheads
Sparring shitheads
Spearing skinheads
Snaring whiteheads
Snoring catheads
Ideal Soul mate
Common cause interrelate
What’s left confiscate
Enfant terrible…

Mahalaxmi Dhobhi Ghat /Buzznet Memories

Mahalaxmi Dhobhi Ghat /Buzznet Memories
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Everytime I go or come from town I pass a huge crowd of foreigners of all color and creed shooting away down below Asia 's largest open air laundry close to the Mahalaxmi suburban railway station.
Every tour operator brings a bus load of these tourists and dumps them here to see dirty linen being washed publically,
Down below the Dhobis or washermen, go about their work, they are gawked at these Bhaiyya migrants from Mulayam country or perhaps Laluland.
I try to shoot these pictures once in a while but than the crowds find me a greater attraction than the Dhobis or the foreigners who stop shooting the dhobis and train their silver pouted cameras on me.. I oblige..

I wish for once Marc Anthony and Steve decide to come down to India...with the cream of Buzznet ,Microsoft could sponsor this trip, anyway Google Earth .have stopped such sponsor ship, I would love to welcome all you guys to Mumbai...
Xris N…

Bloggers Beware..MSM is Dying

Bloggers Beware..MSM is Dying
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I went home to rest , though wife had bought my lunch to shop and she wants me to end my reverie with bald men, honestly I saw a picture in Times of India , a single picture shot by a Sanjay Hadkar showing the Pitru Visarjan, you can see a picture shot to occupy space as a recording of an event , badly composed , no emotions, no nothing and this is the height of pictorial apathy of an editorship of a newspaper aleady gone to seed..
I think one should have some stirring in ones loins to shoot aesthetically even the most mundane event , but hot shot photo journos need only one picture to keep the fires burning at home, I am not touched by conceit but Pitru Visarjan touched me , as I too rever my parents the furnace of love and understanding that any puja for their deceased souls is not enough to appease them and this is Gods honest Truth.
We had stopped the Times of India at home , Samiya reads Mumbai Mirror , so …

Pitru Visarjan at Banganga

Pitru Visarjan at Banganga
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Pitru Visarjan is a puja that takes place at Banganga tank at Walkeshwar on this day for the liberation of deceased ancestors, and the entire migrant community from the northern belt of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar , comes here and shave of their scalps, moustache, beards , underarms, and at the edge of the Banga a litany begins , and the Pandit or Pujari , directs the Puja and the prasadam is placed in the waters and a holy dip taken..
This begins in the morning and continues till noon, I was to catch up with Mr Shrikanth Malushte from Grant Road Station at about 8.30 am, but as I had left my house at 7 am, I cancelled the meet and proceeded on my own from there,,to Banganga and I was dressed in my Sadhu attire and barefeet and was greeted with chants of Har Har Mahadev as I wore my leopard skin printed cloth sleeveless jacket and the entire area was like a festive fair , I shot a 1 Gb card and than walked from Bangan…