Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marziya and her New Doll

i bought marziya
a pair of roller skaters
but her feet were far too small
i returned the roller skaters
bought her this crazy doll
sitting on her tricycle
her life around the doll revolve
silent words of mystery
frozen words of silence
a mystery
i could not solve

dedicated to a doting mother

Cousin Lefty Missed in Mumbai

cousin lefty
shooting the Piccadilly circus
the birthday suit race
a very far cry
while here among hijras
the heat and humidity
I burn and fry
under a city's
rainless cry
a 10% water cut
a municipal reply
a ckhoking neck
a noose like neck tie
the slums the stink
the human pigsty
yet in spite of all this
the politicians want
to make Mumbai
into another Shanghai
linen in public hung to dry
a breakfast of omelet
kheema and bheja fry
with a seminal stained cup
of pani kam chai
the hijra with women s soul
in a body of a guy..
clapping their hands
near my shop
you will spy
hijras are human
you wont deny


Inspired by Anthony Posey poet photographer of New Orleans

the spirit of the people of iran
is what matters in the end
their right to exist they defend
a will that wont bow or bend
a posse of baton wielding goons
cant shake this spirit of freedom
a message in defiance
trough twitter they send
a cause we all must befriend
as it affects us all
lets not pretend
our prayers our best wishes
our support we over extend
its best interest of iran
the spiritual leaders
make the necessary move
a bleeding fence mend
a new election
not their ego
but their faith in humanity
by the grace of the almighty


on my insistence
cousin lefty
of nude bicycle fame
of flickr and now public
joined fakebook
minus the sinker line but hook
a culinary poona delight
with uncle fred the head cook
anthony posing
reading his poetry book
nauman umair
calling the talibans crook
searching for them
in every cranny and nook
bollywoods most wanted
has changed his look
by the mumbai police
as a gangster raping
his house maid
is often mistook
a pedestrian poem
simmering hot
served overcooked

an elections of disillusionment
the pillars of global peace shook
twitter serving as a page
of a prayer book


Inspired by Anthony Posey poet photographer of New Orleans

Turning Green With Envy

image coutresy (AP Photo/Mehr News, Sajjad Safari)

"The vote of the people is more important than Mousavi or any other person," he told his supporters.

iran elections
a travesty
a victor
without a victory
turning green with envy
the peoples verdict
bought down like a debris
que sera sera
whatever will be will be
the mandate
has a right to disagree
a looming shadow of doubt
to some degree
the curse of the holocaust
will bring his ego down
to his knee
enter the dragon
a voice of the people called
mir hossein mousavi