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Muslims Felicitating Lalbaugh Chya Raja Do Tanki

Every year during Visarjan time it is a tradition ..Muslims led by Sajid Khan a social activist felicitate Lalbaugh Chya Raja and he halts here for about an hour . There is an Arti by the locals and the Lalbaugh Chya Raja Karyakartas led by Mr Sudhir Salvi bond with the Muslims sadly this beautiful aspect of love mutual respect between the Hindus and Muslims is not documented by paid Media . I have always tried to showcase this feature that is the integral part of mutual co existence of all communities in Mumbai. Otherwise my wielding a camera would be an effort in vain.. I shoot the Raja or Hindu feasts dressed as a Hindu....and Hindu for me is not just a religious context but my cultural inheritance part of my roots to this huge Family Tree called India . I would give up photography if it was merely to hurt people their customs or rituals ..for those who dont know me my photography has never been a source of income father was a tailor and I am part of his tailored dream. I was…

Nobody Humiliates God More Than Man

a warmonger
destroying nations
an imperialist
bent on ethnic
hate through
his religious
as much as
he can in a
garden called
the fall of man
was this the message
of gods creation
was this his cosmic
plan..after god created
man from his peaceful
paradise he ran..
as man became god
a powerful superman
threatening the maker
with fire and brimstone
man the madman

Documenting Tantrics Hijra Shamans Naga Sadhus Aghoris In The Kingdom Of Khamakhya

I was at Khamakhya last year 2016 ..Joie Ma Khamakhya This year I had the desire to go as my friend Laurent Salesse was coming too...but I was short of funds as I was not sure where I would stay and I did not want to impose myself jamming in with Laurent . My Devi Or Godmother is Mrs Punam Sinha mother of Sonakshi wife of Mr Shatrughan Sinha I told her that I was going to Khamakhya but I have a serious leg injury and 6 days train journey to and fro would aggravate my wound . Mrs Sinha gave me flight tickets to and from Mumbai Guwahati back to Mumbai and an envelop with Rs 11000 . My local representative my neighbor and a great humanbeing Advocate Ashish Shelar gave me Rs 10000. People bicker about Hindu Muslim animosity here in Mumbai we are One .. But the greatest gesture at Khamakhya was a room next to the Temple all free thanks to Niku Sarma who I had met last year and he had visited my house on his trip to Mumbai.
He is from the erstwhile Panda Family custodian of the Khamakhya Te…

I enter the Big Boss House Facebook ..

I had deactivated my FB account since a year and a half but there was need to connect with a few friends as I was planning to shoot Moharam Ashura either in Bangalore or Chennai .

I finally decided to go and shoot Chennai I have shot it once besides I have some very good friends and the Chennai Shias are very loving people very hospitable..I have a very dear friend who will let me stay in a room at his house .

I have shot Ashura Moharam in Lucknow and Hyderabad for many years I wanted to have a different feel and locale .

I shall leave in 26 September and return on 4 October .

I get tired of social media I type with one finger of a damaged right hand and can hardly manage my 2000 friend list at Facebook besides I delete all friend a request unless person is known to me I don't add strangers ..
As you are aware I have taken a break a very long sabbatical from Twitter ..

In a few minutes shall get ready to go play tennis my only physical training regimen I stopped walking due to th…