Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To My Guru From Woolongong- Friar Tuck

photo courtesy friar tuck profile photo buzznet

A giant of a poet
greater than King Kong
who relives
...life as a song
the only man
who could woo
'the countess
from Hong Kong
a poet brave and strong
talent firm and long
always right seldom wrong
to the world of lupines
he belongs from buzznet
to flickr to facebook
we came along
firoze fuckwit
friar monster tuck
a friendship

Happy Birthday Mate ..

Friars response poetically to me

lupus lunatic
lecherously he creeps
into the herder of sheeps
now all the lambs are safe...
and penned up for the night
its time for a change
for we
shall feast on chicken tonight

Without Friar Tuck I could have never become a Cosmic Poet

Animal Sacrifice For Goddess Maryamma

Animal Sacrifice For Goddess Maryamma

The Devi Enters the Human Body

This is the most unusual sequence I have shot of the Maryamma Feast..because I knew the family that owns this Temple there were no restrictions on me..

The Devi Enters the Human Body

The Devi Enters The Human Body

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The drummer instead of beating the drum scratches the surface with his stick which produces an ear shattering effect , and it is like funereal drone and with each increase in crescendo , the women who are now possessed by the devi or goddess behave in a way that is truly abnormal..they are not here they are not there , they are on a different planet of the mind.

When they are totally out of control the priest pulls them by the hair and swipes holy ash or places a lime under their feet.

They calm down and are still in a state of shock.

This lady in the picture showed all the characteristics of Goddess Kali..

I was just a feet away from them and the entire venue was charged with the spirit of this event..

This is what I like to shoot and some of the ladies would charge in to beat their head on the statue of Nandi the Bull,, but were held back before any damage could be caused.