Thursday, October 9, 2014

a friend asked another friend
why was his daughter hunched
her back all curved as she
munched away her lunch
in her school bag full of
rocks .. space crunch

at school beaten  by her hot tempered \volatile school teacher she is kicked grievously punched

Director of National Pictorial Photographic Academy Mr. Anilji Bhartiya Passes Away

I got this message in my mailbox and I was a member of NPPA and had very close cordial relations with late Mr Anil Bhartiya a great photo journalist , a great teacher a great Guru and last but not the least an ex PSI.

The message I got 17 hours back..from
Mahendra Mandlik

With utmost grief this is to inform all that our respected Sir and eminent press photographer, Director of National Pictorial Photographic Academy Mr. Anilji Bhartiya passed away today evening at 7 pm at his native.

May his soul rest in peace!!!

His last rites will be performed tomorrow at 10 am at his native place Nanded.

I am shocked as this is a terrible loss to our photographer community of Mumbai.

This picture was the last shot at a film muhurat in Mumbai that he was covering as he was respected by Bollywood for his coverage and no nonsense attitude.

This is my Shardanjali to a great teacher Late Mr Anil Bhartiya  of NPPA

Muslims In Mumbai Are The Most Neglected Lot Is It A part of a Cosmic Plot

in slums
they rot
so many
years of
voting the
what have
they got
hands tied
in a knot
leave aside
the congress
no political
party for the
human rights
of the muslims
have fought
after the elections
once they got their
charmed seats
the poor muslim
they conveniently
forgot keeping
him divided as
shia sunni
with the help of
the rogue mullah
on the soul of india
a major blot ,,media
sensationalizes muslim
crimes even if a suspect
is caught ,, proved guilty
before he is tried this is
not what the Mahatma
taught ,,netajis hands
buried deep in the
golden pot ,,he looks
cynically at the beggar
poet .. hits back
so what too
can go and rot