Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Greatest American Photographer Shot By The Worlds Youngest Street Photographer Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

The Greatest American Photographer Shot By The Worlds Youngest Street Photographer Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

The Guru Glenn Losack And Her Grand Father Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Marziya Shakir has a Guru and without a Guru the path of Wisdom can never be reached because I am related to her by blood I wanted someone to teach Marziya Shakir photography , she chose Dr Glenn Losack.. MD .. he gave her the Nikon D 80 and Marziya Shakir unlearnt photography, with a passion that is even beyond my own reach..

Guru Glenn Losack Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

The first thing Marziya Shakir disciple of Dr Glenn Losack MD did was kiss her Gurus hand the only person responsible in contributing to her passion as the worlds youngest street photographer, he blessed her gifted the Nikon D 80 .. the camera which Marziya Shakir has been shooting since the age of 2.

Marziya Shakir now 4 year old is in Junior KG.. loves Barbie Dolls Noddy and You Tube Chulbuli.. Marziya will never take the camera from me without placing the strap round her neck, the essence of photography, Marziya shoots with her eyes closed like me the inner vision does the rest..

Dr Glenn Losack MD from Manhattan New York loves Mother India that is what he calls my beloved country.. but the moment he reached India he shaved of his head he finds it hard to beat the heat and humidity,....

Dr Glenn Losack had offered to give a bank cheque for Marziya Shakirs education a few years back , which my son Asif Shakir politely refused and Marziya Shakir is happy in Apostolic Carmel Convent the same school where her Aunt Samiya Shakir studied ..

Money is fine but inner education values tradition cannot be bought by money..

7 Moharam Kaisar Bagh I Cut My Elbow With Accidentally

While shooting I lost my timing and accidentally came in the way of a flying blade I cut a artery the bleeding would not stop but the JUST First Aid guys did a great job the bleeding stopped after the tourniquet..

I bandaged my hand continued shooting pictures of 7 moharam

Once You Die You End Up In Deep Shit

screwing a fence is not part of this dirty picture

1 Dec 2011 My Breakfast Before Going To My New Work Place

My life has changed drastically , my flings of fancy are still intact but I have enslaved myself to a Big Boss .. a new chapter of my life and this was shot by a waiter at Pahelvi where I had my breakfast keema pao no tea new boss is stickler for punctuality discipline and timing so I had to reach work by am.. I was there by 9.50 and it is tough getting a ricksha from Bazar Road.

Today is my fourth day.. because of Moharam I rleave early by 6.30 shower and head to Kaisar Bagh I am documenting Moharam 2011.
It saddens me I cannot go to Jammu I was invited there by Sarah Haji the hijra head they are known as Khusras in North India..

I had to be in Mumbai as my best friend mentor Dr Glenn Losack was coming down to shoot Ashura in Mumbai and I mt two Danish friends Flickr members photographers they were to head back to Denmark but are now documenting Moharam along with me and Glenn.

My wife is on a pilgrimage , last night I was hit viciously by a flying blade at Kaisar Bgh tore a tendon , my elbow but the Just First volunteers gave me a tourniquet the bleeding stopped I continued shooting ..7 moharam alone as my foreigner friends had prior commitments.

Marziya saw my scourged back, but has not yet seen my new street photography is a on a slow burner dressed in a corporate manner I hate shooting beggars , as a beggar I shot beggars fluidly seamlessly.,

And without wife it is tough but I have survived so far..

Kim and Glenn

GlennViola And Bakar

Hussain is Humanity .. And Thus We Shoot It So..

Glenn Habib and Me

Glenn Habib and Me

The Blades Bleed Curse The Killers of Hussain ..Children of An Evil Serpent Seed King Of Lanats Yazid

We Bleed And Through Our Blood Narrate The Fucked Terrorism of Yazid

7 Moharam Juloos in Chennai

The Shia Kama Matam Child