Sunday, March 2, 2014

Man Walks Back From Where He Started His Trek

he has
lost faith
in his cosmic
fate ..frustrated
deflated ..his dreams
he wont renegotiate
..he found
his surroundings filled
with far too much hate
he has decided to become
an ascetic ,,,total celibate
no he wont take life for
granted .. no soul mate
he will live in a cave
spread the gospel of
nature ...from mankind
once and for all
disassociate ...
take a vow of silence
his mind deactivate
his seminal soliloquy
he wont proliferate

The Birth Of Man

has to find
some work
a home
a wife
life a crazy
pain in the
is absconding
he wonders
now who will
protect ..
the guardian
of his virtual
world en webbed
in dark politics
neglect ..all
around too
much drugs
too much sex
than he again
wonders does
he remain single
keep screwing
the neighbors wife
of his friend
henpecked ,,,
he continues
with his trek
unaware of
cosmic cause

The Illusions Of A Beggar Poet Bitten By A Ghost Dog

From Mr.Casmir Clement.
Accounting and auditing department
Africa Development Bank (A.D.B)
Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.


This mail might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it as unserious could come into your mind but please consider it a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility.
I am Mr.Casmir Clement, the manager in charge of Accounting and auditing department of Africa Development Bank (A.D.B) with due respect and Regard, I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transaction.
During our investigation and auditing in this Bank, my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to one of our deceased customer who died on Feb 29th 2000 of a ghastly motor accident and the fund has been dormant in his account with this bank without any claim of the fund in our Custody either from his family or relation before our discovery to this development. Although personally,

And keep this information secret to enable the whole plans and idea be Profitable and successful during the time of execution, the amount is Ten million Three hundred thousand United States dollars (US$10.3M), as it may interest you to know,
I contacted you to be my partner and person to be reliable and capable to champion a business of such magnitude without any problem. So we can commence all arrangements and I will give you more information on how we would handle this project. And also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with me. And 60% for me.

Please treat this business with utmost confidentiality and send me the

1) Your full name.
2) Phone, fax and mobile.
3) Company name, position and address.
4) Profession, age and marital status.
5) I need a copy of your ID card or passport copy.

Please contact me through my private email::

Mr.Casmir Clement.
Please contact me through my private email::

Casmir Clement via

“There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet.”
― T.S. Eliot

Thank you
Casmir Clement
you have touched
me holistically through
your kind generous
message ..that you
have sent ..a beggar
poet bitten by a ghost
dog.. that once belonged
to Ben ..spasmodic paroxysms
of poetic bent ,, a poet on rent
the mind housed in a rabid
claustrophobic tent metaphoric
euphoric neurotic beggarly
without a single cent..all
the money you give me
will be lent to the political pimps
in exile with american accent
who will aid our politicians
in electioneering ..canvassing
with good intent ,,spamming
roti kapda makan dukan ,,,pakwan
hope to the rarest of rare common
man they will present ,woman
empowerment ,,as part of the
manifesto that biblical document
to remove completely the homophobic
article 377 give warmth gender respect
equality justice.. that our society torment
on the soul of humanity cause a serious
dent .. with all its evil content ..more toilets
for ladies transgender and consenting gent
with the tax payers money respectfully spent
the best present ,,,so once again casimir
clement my love to you your family in
burkina best compliments
change for the better prevention is better
than discontent ,,,in case you come to
mumbai i have booked a room for you
at the trident ,, money for this paid by
my politician best friends ,,,

“Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires.”
― Sigmund Freud

a thought for you from my end ...
with your help money the fucked
system of scam and corruption
we will newly re invent .. that
money defrauded reaches the
poor both ends...
he with his family can happily
spend...never relent..

The Art Of Giving...

every dime
he receives
you achieve
he has nothing
else to give
the flesh pines
the soul grieves
autumnal austerity
trembling leaves

Nerjis learns the Art Of Giving..through a moment within a picture that i stole like a thief,..
faith is human irrespective of your belief...what is lost ..we try to retrieve..perspective is what you dont see but perceive ,,,rest all illusions make believe ..

dedicated to ms marissa mayer ..