Saturday, August 21, 2010

Artist at Work

Shot By Marziya Shakir on Nikon D 80

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What can I tell you about this shot it goes beyond the decisive moment ..

What Is God ?

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God is different things to different people , one may say God is the creation of mans mind , another might say if there was no God man would have invented him.

Beyond the world of religiosity lies the universal God of Peace Hope and Humanity., and this is the God of the Artist, the artist has his God embedded in his Art.

And if you really really want to see God , look into the panoramic soul of a childs eyes , and you will see God and in case you dont see him than God when he made you forgot to gift you with the inner sight required too see the spectral light in the soul of darkness.

Marziya is two and a half year old child , gifted with a fine tuned perception, she comes here to the Ganesha workshop by invitation , the Artists here bond with her and they give her the privilege of coloring hope on the outer layer the Lords divinity.

Marziya is left handed so she moves from artist to artist and from one idol to the next , but this time with my camera Nikon D80 round her neck, held by me she took shots of these artists at work sitting on the floor I lost count of the number of pictures she shot.

She presses the shutter herself she does not need the viewfinder as she closes both here eye and shoots a perfect picture flawless and embedded with her signature stamp.

She does not shoot like me but our pictures might be similar because we are both One , I am the Banyan tree of Life and she gives me sustenance through the branches of her Soul.

I am an Artist too but less gifted than her and this is my gift to another artist more gifted than than both of us more human too her Uncle Salman Khan..

This is our tribute to him to start life with Da Bang...

A Hope Called Marziya Shakir

Sathi Hath Badana

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ek akela mar jaye
dusre ki lash uthana
sathi hath badana
bhik mangar
ek din jald
khuda ko muh
hai deekhana
sathi hath badana
lashe ka wazan uthna

with due apologies

These Are People Who Die Every Day Bit By Bit

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staring at the
dead soul of humanity
on the edge of a pit
seeking hope on a path unlit
once they were happy like you
by bad karma they got hit
doomed destiny
as they sit
these are people
who die every day bit by bit
each one has
a different story
painful played
out as a skit
thrown out by
their children
in their old age
their own obit
fate cheated
brilliantly to wit
no man
is born a beggar
him a beggar
at the face of it
i see with
my camera
what you
dont want
to see with
your eyes
is that it
as a photographer
i too die
bit by bit
with every
shot i take
my soul gets hit
a thought
my own doomed
my own misery
with my own hand
my throat slits
i am not a poet
just a juggler
of words
over dressed
in a crazy outfit
what god
gives me
as food for
over the internet
to you
the internet
i crazily transmit
the soul
of an image
a poem
i knit
at the end
of the day
this blogging
flogging slogging
tires me out
my head against
a stony
pillow i hit
to a momentary death
my soul
i submit

I posted this picture last night as a link at Facebook..I was devilishly tired , my eyelids puffed , my computer keeps crashing time and again like my own lifes unwritten script., I got up for y 10 ramzan fast and these words escaped stealthily from the cage of my head..words that aimlessly squander my pain and act as a catharsis of my angst anguish and poetic pathos..

Am I a poet
Fuck I am not..
through words i live
in words
i rot
i am an
unpublished poet
the world forgot
rubbing my face
in the earth
was not
part of this plot
i am nothing
on the seat
of her toilet
a seminal blot
my destiny
like a drunken
legs spread
lies on a creaky cot
call me a cunt
but dont
call her a twat
i got killed
with this
i shot

This Poet Has Hoof and Mouth Disease

Creating Poetry Out the Flesh of the Soul

This is Humanity in a Plastic Body Bag

these are
pictures of life
as is where is
the presswala
the magazinewala
will never shoot
because pictures
of salman khan
bipasaha basu
john abraham
is what sells
they loot
or pictures of
deepika padukone
siddhartha mallya
ranbir kapoor
so shooting
the living dead
in a plastic bag
is my labors fruit
taking me back
to my roots my
past my present
my future
my childrens
children s
off shoots
the poor trampled
unde a lesser
gods boots

This is the Muslim World of Pain

my humanity
his spastic
pain a moment
in timelessness
only the godly
on the streets
can attain
a windowless
door less world
of Muslim pain
crushing the roots
of my heart
the wrenching
the branches
of my brain

i took a step backwards
almost fell into a drain

The Beggars Bowl Gets Wet In The Rains

and it rains and it rains and it rains
hidden beneath the soul of an umbrella
held captive to a fucked fate of a beggar
in chains like this from one generation
to the next he will remain perched
as a flesh eating maggot living
in the drain in a Muslim world of pain

The Silhouette of the Hijab

of our spirituality
with our morality
at ease the soul
of Islam
nothing else
to please
the fountainhead
of our future
brotherhood and peace
embedded in the soul
of my poetry images
such as these

The Muslim World of Pain

bound to
a chain
when it
it rains
for solace
in the valley
poetic plains
hearts numb
on one leg
the wisdom
of the crane

The Princess and The Dwarf

a tear and a laugh
in a glass
sometime full
sometimes half
life held captive
within a graph

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

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on the soul of humanity
regardless of pride
beggarly emotions
beggarly woes
misery and despair
they would not hide
a karmic fate
of uncertainty
thy would abide
they were born
minutes before
all hope died
the rich mans god
not by their side
all men are born equal
someone had lied

Life Sometimes Is Nothing But Death In Disguise

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i shoot
human beings
poor devastated
human beings
legless armless
formless human beings
eyeless faceless
human beings
now you call
them beggars
for convenience sake
lifeless homeless
human beings
hopeless groundless
human beings
living dead
bed less cot less
human beings
made in the image
of god godless
image less
human beings

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2018