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The Bawa In Chains

his body held captive
in iron chains , permanently
fused iron manacled immune
to the weight or pain
this way all his life he will
remain an ascetic a monk
completely sane a mystic
through this penance his
moksha attains .. the bawa
in chains travelling from shrine
to shrine from one urus to
the next ..follower of
ali his son hussain ..

a malang a mendicant
mind over matter heart
over brain...

Beti Achhe Din Anewale Hain

nanhe nane hathon se
chane bana .. tere bure
din badalnewale hain
tere nanhe hathon se
chatpata chana log
khanewale hain
tujhe kya padne ki
zaroorat ..teri zindagi
main yeh char chand
laganewale hain
girl child empowerment
ka yeh ek naya nara
 laganewale hain

Dargah of Hazrat Waris Ali Shah, Dewa Sharif, Barabanki

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Waris Ali Shah (Urdu: حاجی وارث علی شاہ‎, Hindi: हाजी वारिस अली शाह) or Sarkar Waris Pak (Urdu: سرکار وارث پاک, Hindi: सरकार वारिस पाक) (1819-1905) was a Sufi saint from Dewa, Barabanki, India, was the founder of Warsi order of Sufism, he travelled widely in the west and admitted people to his spiritual order.[1] His shrine is situated at Dewa, India.[2][3]

His father's name was Qurban Ali Shah whose tomb too is located in Dewa.[4]

Haji Waris Ali Shah at a very early age showed an extraordinary inclination for a religious life and that even in his extreme boyhood he was regarded as amazingly proficient in his knowledge and practice of religion.[5]

Sufi order[edit]
Waris Ali Shah belonged to the Quadira and Chistaya schools of Sufism,[6] he was initiated in traditional Sufi order of Chishtia but he adopted more liberal view and permitted his followers to remain in their own religion.[1] When he was a small boy Waris Ali attached hims…

Mohomed Rafi Remembered

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Mohammed Rafi (24 December 1924 – 31 July 1980) was an Indian recording artist who is considered by many to be one of the greatest Indian playback singers of the Hindi film industry.[1] In his lifetime, he was awarded the National Film Award, Best National Singer Award and six Filmfare Awards. In 1967, he was honoured with the Padma Shri award by the Government of India.[2] His singing career spanned about 35 years. Rafi is noted for his ability to sing songs of different moods and varieties:[3] They ranged from classical numbers to patriotic songs, sad lamentations to highly romantic numbers, qawwalis to ghazals and bhajans. He is best known for romantic and duet songs and, as a playback singer, his ability to mould his voice to the persona of the actor lip-synching the song.[4]

Rafi is primarily noted for his songs in Hindustani, over which he had a strong command. He sang in other Indian languages including Assamese, Konkani, Bhojpuri, Oriya, …

Baad-e-Nabi (saw), Rasool ka farmaan hai ALI (as Mimber pe ho to bolta Koran hai ALI (as);

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (A.S)
“If you want to know the religion of a man, do not look at how much he prays and fasts, rather look at how he treats people.”

Takbeer Ali ho meri azaan Ali ho.
Eman Ali ho meri pehchan Ali ho.
wajib ho ya farz ada krne se pehly.
Hr aik ibadat ka bs unwan Ali ho.
jis wqt mujhe mot ka aizaz mile tb.
Mere labon pe natiq-e-quran Ali ho.
Dozakh se bhala ku wo dre ga chishty
jis shakhs ka mehshar ma nigehban Ali ho..

13 Rajab Wiladat Imam Ali

Background of Imam Ali.

On the 13th of the month of Rajab, twenty-three years before the migration of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) a child was born in the family of Abu Talib, the light of whom kindled the whole World. Kunaab Mecci narrates about his birth: "We and Abbas (Ibne Abdul Mutalib) were sitting together when suddenly we saw Fatima bint-e-Asad moving towards the Kaabah in the condition having delivery pain and saying "Oh God I have faith in you and the Prophet (i.e., Abraham) who by your command laid the foundation of this house. O God! I swear you by the same Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and swear you by the child in my womb make this birth comfortable and easy for me."

This was the time when all of us saw with our own eyes that the wall of Kaabah broke apart and Fatima bint-e-Asad entered into the Kaabah. Then the wall again united.

We ran terrified and trembling to our houses to send our women into the Kaabah for the help …

Giving the Eunuch the Right To Vote Could not Save Him From Becoming the Sacrificial Goat ..

rehabilitation of this  gender is not part of society's  ethos ..drugged on the street
marginalized for androgynous pause
dying for a lost cause ..

to be or not to be what he was not ,
,..held captive in the wrong slot
a battle he fought..cursing his lot
on the soul of humanity treated
as a blot ..hooked to pot.. he lives
he dies every day .. the cosmic
misplaced plot..he rots ..a picture
yet  it was his soul i captured
when i accidentally took this shot

releasing it from human  bondage
from the anvil of hope when the iron
was hot..