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Matrix of Evil

Matrix of Evil, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 121,789 items / 821,029 views

photo courtesy google images

hurling insults
to the holy saint
is not about
criticizing a religion
its about hurting
the sentiments
of Indian society
promoting hate
creating enmity
matrix of evil
as it breaches
the cosmopolitan
secular soul
of our city
we live
in peace
with each other
on parity
till a rabid mullah
a serpent seed
destroys it
with his
we as humans
have a
god given
to follow
the religion
of our choice
to be what
we want to be
sufis shias or sunnis
the essence
of god
in humanity
he should be
no pity
the soul
of mankind
is the greatest

Gar Tum Mera Gham Samajh Lete

Gar Tum Mera Gham Samajh Lete, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 119,411 items / 778,046 views

jo tumne kaha
woh nahi kehte
yeh sach hai
main hijda hoon
gar tum
mera gham
samajh lete
tum paheli
ki trah
mere dil
main rehte
pe khadi
hoon tumhari
waqt ruka hai
pal to do pal
mere ho lete

As a poet I shoot pain ,as a photographer I poetize pain.I shoot truth a I saw it on the viewfinder of my soul,and as a person who has lived life I spoke to her wordlessly..we were one of a kind, yes she was a hijra I was a heterosexual male but both human.

I wanted to hold her hand and comfort her , yes she was a daughter too in the corridors of my mind.

Shooting hijras with a camera fuck , the whole world does it, shoot the hijra with your eyes , deglamorize her raw existence, demystify her androgynous soul..this is hijra capture on the memory card of your mind.

And if you want to know what a hijra is..for once give her your camera let her shoot you..yes you are a hijra too in your humanity...

I wa…

Teri Duniya Se Door Chala Jaoonga

Teri Duniya Se Door Chala Jaoonga, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 121,788 items / 820,669 views

kasme vade
jhute bandhan
sab chod chadkar
main teri duniya se
door chala jaoonga
tuh lakh bulayegi
main palat kar
phir kabhi
nahi aoonga

Death is the ultimate release of my poetry of life...And I eagerly wait to get a fuck of this place ..the world I live in is a mirage a robbers den , a world where cheating, robbing murder rape is a way of life and I cant transform my soul to my surroundings so I look forward to an end that like a film ending in a Bollywood scene of a dying man is taking a lot of time.I am living my death throes dramatically.

Yes these are dark thoughts , depressing thoughts I am not a part of a laughter club of poets ..I am a life member of the Dead Poets Society I want the poem of my life to end and this is my obituary..

No I am not going to slit my wrists , I do no want to make metaphoric love to a running train , I have no fear of drowning..

The only thing wro…

The Death Of The Bullock Cart Race

The Death Of The Bullock Cart Race, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. an obituary
of a beginning
of a race
now completely ends
no man is above the law
a message that it sends
no more bullock cart races
no more crazy bends
no more dogs
chasing the bullocks
on the sands as it wends
maharashtrian pride
time and tradition
bad karma portend
only the bullock
is the bullocks best friend
a ruling only the
court can amend

I Cannot Make It To The Hardwar Kumbh

I Cannot Make It To The Hardwar Kumbh, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Sometimes you have the inclination you have the gutsy spirit too but your destiny wont allow you to move out from the cage of your spiritual desires.

Yes I am grounded in Mumbai and the Hardwar Kumbh is a distant dream that will remain unfulfilled on my soul.

My Naga Sadhu Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj from Juna Akhada told me to come but its not possible my feet are frozen and I cant move a step forward or backward.

Hinduism is my birthright as much as it is yours I was born in India and proud of my cultural inheritance God was extremely kind over generous allowing my birth to take place in Hindustan.

I am a Shia Muslim but that is a spiritual pact a solemn pledge between the Maker and Me. It has nothing to do with you ,or your religiosity its my call my prerogative.

I have never racially profiled any religion, I have accepted the existence of all religion as a way of Life a Path to Oneness and Trut…