Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hijda Mujra Dancer Queen of Pain

yes I am a hijda mujra dancer queen
from rajasthan
proud of my eunuch clan
its ethnicity much before
the world began
bhauchara mata
a part of our androgynous
consciousness in a cosmic plan
I have danced at the broadway
I have danced at cannes
I have been to china
I have been to japan
I have slept with sheikhs
but gave my brittle heart
to a wealthy man
who jilted me for the whore
suzzanne and turned out
that he too was a transgender
his name Hung Soon Chan
the cheat mother fucker
the duplicate man
I emptied out his bank account
before heeran
I admire president
mahmoud ahmedijinad of iran
as for bollinger from the fire
into the frying pan
a secret memberof the
klu klux klan
racist revival
of a white man
I went through bad times
life a stink in a trash can
my shattered dreams
destroyed by my dharma
that my karma overan
I dance now on the
streets as I fell in love
with a poor man
love is bitter sweet memories
nostalgia sepia toned negatives
that dont scan
a dancing hijda queen of pain
neither woman nor a
complete man


photo courtesy*394/903934e6-b8ea-4102-9a4a-2...

thy name Lee C Bollinger
Columbia University’s President
Bathroom singer artful malinger
Cowardly flinger
President Mahmoud Ahmedinijad
Iranian humdinger
you did try to finger with
your verbal abusive swinger
he ducked remained stoic
inspite of the wringer
An invited guest bad taste linger
Iranian American ties not a good harbinger


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