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Are you a Philosopher turned Poet or a Poet turned Philosopher????????

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From Wikipedia The Story of Humility as the Essence of Humanity ...

In the Mahabharatha,[2] Ekalavya is introduced as a young prince of the Nishada tribes. Ekalavya was born to Devashrava (brother of Vasudeva, who was father of Krishna) and was raised by Hiranyadhanus, the leader (King) of the Nishadhas, who was a commander in the army of Jarasandha (the king of Magadha).[3]

Eklavya was a small bright boy who lived near the ashrama of Drona, where Pandavas and Kauravas used to take lessons in various arts. He had great desire to learn the art of archery from Dronacharya. But his mother had told him that Drona would not accept Eklavya as his disciple because of his lower caste. It was futile to dream of such a privilege. But the boy was not be put off, his determination knew no bounds. he ask Guru Drona but but got refused.

Ekalavya goes off into the forest where he fashions a clay statue of Drona. Worshipping the statue as his preceptor, he begins a disciplined program of self-study. As a result, Ekalavya becomes an archer of exceptional prowess, greater to even to Drona's best pupil, Arjuna. One day while Ekalavya is practicing, he hears a dog barking. Before the dog can shut up or get out of the way, Ekalavya fires seven arrows in rapid succession to fill the dog's mouth without injuring it. The Pandava princes come upon the "stuffed" dog, and wonder who could have pulled off such a feat of archery. Searching the forest, they find a dark-skinned man dressed all in black, his body well built and his hair were long. It is Ekalavya, who introduces himself to them as a pupil of Drona..

Drona asked for the right thumb of Eklavya as his guru dakshina, or payment for teaching. Drona has been criticized by others over this incident. According to the Mahābhārata, Drona was protecting the fated superiority of Arjuna. All this, however, does leave open the question whether Drona was justified in demanding of Ekalavya a tribute that was neither, strictly speaking, his due nor, even loosely speaking, honestly intended. It also raises the further question that if Arjuna's superiority was truly fated, Ekalavya's mastery would have no consequence for the Pandavas. The Mahābhārata does not answer this question. The story leaves room for interpretation and moral speculation. As a result, a variety of answers have been proposed to the quest

Others have alleged that Ekalavya learned all his skills in archery by secretly observing the training sessions of Dronacharya. When Dronacharaya found out, he visited Ekalavya to verify his suspicions. Although Drona could have demanded an even greater punishment under the laws in effect at that time, he asked only for Ekalavya's right thumb.

Another interpretation construes Drona's demand as symbolic of the hegemonic self-imposition of Aryan mores upon the indigenous population of India, of which Ekalavya stands as a radiant example. He has been lauded by many Indians, including Adivasis, as a paragon of achievement; a person who trained himself to attain heights of accomplishment that the nobles of the Kuru house (see Kuru (kingdom)) could only achieve through formal tutelage.

Later, Ekalavya worked as a confidant of King Jarasandha. At the time of Rukmini's Swayamvara, he acted as the messenger between Shishupala and Rukmini's father Bhishmaka, at Jarasandha's behest.[3] Bhishmaka decides that Rukmini should marry Shishupala, but instead Rukmini elopes with Krishna. Ekalavya is later killed by Krishna during the latter's conflict with Jarasandha's army.[3][4] To be killed by Krishna is a mark, in Krishnaism (as in most forms of Vaishnavism), of exceptional divine favour..

on the soul
of a photographer
archery too is
shooting pictures
silence scream less
soundless screech
but finding
for this lowly poet
was beyond his reach
but inspired
of exclusivity
shut doors
he tried to breach
invoking the lotus
feet of his would be
reluctant reserved
godly guru
he did beseech
the guru knows not
it was unlearning
to a poet he did teach
from the soul
of learning
the values
to marziya
the peach
the nkon d80
stuck to her
two and a half year
old cosmic
like a leech

so marziya's guru by default is dronacharya as a figure of speech

Auto Generated Poems Of The Mind

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No humans were involved in the creation of this poem
It is an auto-generated, so please don't reply. it is cosmic too

my cosmic creativity
in locked doors
of a word smithy
front and behind
recycled remorse
its human to err
but to read
doomed destiny
a thought
deafeningly divine
turning pulpy
words into
syrupy wine
a soul slithering
supine what
i want is certainly
not online
i search endlessly
i try hard to find
through words
within words
in the dark dungeons
chaotic corridors
of my depraved mind
love is monochromatic
curves color blind
only her eyes
that peer the soul
of my poetry
venetian blinds
me through her
she through me
my karmic destiny

dedicated to the wine lady
alice feiring in wineland

Razor Hands That Heal

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on pitru paksha day
at banganga water
tank bald heads
layers of hair
peeled spiritually
signed and sealed
men who razors
have never known
to wield
become barbers
for a day
mugiyon ki
tarha cheel
razor hands that
cut make
the head bleed
some ordeal
but also razor hands
that heal
paying tribute
to the soul of
dead ancestors
the damage
to their scalps
they don't feel
a wheel within
the soul of
a karmic wheel
with shiva
as the third
eye of my camera
on the soul
of humanity
i did steal
a memory card
a moving
film reel
hope and hindutva
a message of
peace and humanity
tolerance mutual coexistence
mans only solution
living together
as Indians
a cherished ideal
a muslim blogger
through pictures
reveals tantric
yogic on a
spiritual cartwheel

A Muslim Blogger In A Hindu Heartland

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both Indians
one motherland
a land of peace
hope and humanity
a unique land
a cherished soil
on which
justice equality
liberty as pillars
of mankind stand
a thought unfortunately
the racist with a hindu voice
or the bigot with a muslim bias
wont understand
a land of diverse colors
a spectrum of unity
one single band
beyond caste color
or religiosity
gods own land
made in india
gods own brand
where tolerance
mutual coexistence
progress future
go hand in hand
shooting hope hindutva
a message of peace
hope and humanity
art culture creativity
heritage ancestry
of man all very grand
himalayas ganges
from kashmir to kanyakumari
held by a strand
of love brotherhood
a pledge between
god and man
whatever your
ethnicity as
one single clan

Pitru Paksha

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to pay homage
to their ancestors
on pitru paksha day
to banganga tank
they make their way
it is said that
their ancestors
com down on earth
for their departed souls
they pray
clean shaven bald
migrants from
uttar pradesh
who in mumbai stay
offerings on dry leaves
that serve as tray
a lamp lighting
a path floral
tributes they pay
each year
in every way
with warmth
soulful serenity
memories as always
touched by the
suns rays
hope and hindutva
a message of
peace and humanity
captured by a
barefeeet blogger
on a gray
cloudless day
amchi mumbai
jai maharashtra
jai ramji ki
sab theek thak