Monday, October 28, 2013

The Indian Woman Seeks A Path Through The Light of Hope

stalking her
on her path
her fate
cant save
words dont
protect her
she is
she is
a glass
of human
they throw
stones .
break her
spirit her
flesh her
bones ..
not her

The Marathi Manoos ..Waiting For Change And A Better Tomorrow

Jesus Watches The Bhajiwali Bai

he watched
her since
she was a
with her
a basket
on her head
she passed
him by..he
still remembered
how she tugged
the saree of her aiee
as she touched the
railing where time
stood she
has grown how
time flies ..onions
rising price ..the
common man cries
farmers who give
birth to grain commit
suicide ..jai maharashtra
we have lost our pride
a pain that swells no place
to hide .. will the elections
change all this .. when
another group will come
take us for a ride ..
with our vote a part
of us died ... the
common man always
isolated with all the
parties on one side
his mouth gagged
his hands tied ..

No Government In Maharashtra Till Date Has Done Anything For The Marathi Manoos,,,

Once Upon A Time .. Holy Name High School..

remembering mr batli who always called me bloody phool
i was the one along with merwyn.. who made his khanne
ka dabba gool...james bond time pass house full.. mr mishra
paper tiger floating in his shirt my minds swimming pool
life was bozo .. walk dont run.. or stand outside the classroom on
a stool..mrs menezes miss india .. very cool,,,once here we did rule
sister mercy with love in her eyes touched us all.
made us drool..gholap sir alez vaz.. drove us like mules ,,
our science teacher ,,, more molecules ..pandey ji..maf karo hamari bhul..
i wont ever forget my mentor fr stevan nazareth ..who later shifted to st josephs school .. fr leslie ratus,, uber cool ... memories misty.. unfading of a tinpot school back garden snooty campionites god old rishi kapoor ..fort convent babes ..cheeks like apples from kabul.. st anne chicks thin skinny drumsticks ..was too fa away from our school.. regal cinema sahkari bhandar .. olympia biryani yadeein, sirf yadein.. mitti aur dhool ..

itne sare school ,,, lekin obama aur unki biwi ko pasand aya holy name high school.. mee hai koli mee hai koli paisa vasool..

Adnan Sami And Me Shot By My Tailor Master

He was quite nervous my tailor master and I dont know what other button he pressed but he shot without flash and I edited and saved the grace of this picture as BW through Aviary tool ...

I was Adnan Bhais house today..for some work.. and we had a very long chat he and his pretty wife , their hospitality out of the world,,, and today Adnan Bhai was narrating to his wife how we met a few years back.. Mrs Punam Sinha got a gift of a shawl fabric from Adnan Sami for her husband Shatrughan Sinha.. she wanted me to design a shirt for him , as there was ample fabric she requested me to make one shirt for Adnan Sami , she sent me to his house for measurements , and we just clicked ...and we have been friends since Tera Chehra and Lift Kara De ..than I made a dress for Azan Samis video..

But there is one incident that binds me with Adnan Sami.. and it is this incident that made me treat him with the highest respect , I was doing some stuff for a video and I delivered Adnan Samis dress to the producers without taking money as they assured me they would pay after the shoot ..
When Adnan Sami called me regarding the clothes I told him I had delivered it to his producers , he asked me if I was paid I told him they promised to pay after the shoot .. he asked me to get the clothes back as he wanted to try them, I got the clothes back it was a 2 oclock shift I did some minor adjustments and Adnan Bhai said now deliver them only when you get the payment hard cash, ... and it was what I did .. I got my payment after a lot of cribbing and Adnan Bhai had told them he would not shoot till I was paid.. he left for the shoot when I got my payment ,,

No actor has done this for me save perhaps Mr Kiran Kumar ,,,and I am Adnan Samis greatest fan.. his respect for my work my dedication.. I have never mentioned this incident before .. but it speaks volumes of his fairness and justice..

Adnan Sami And Me Belated Eid Mubarak.. Shot By My Tailor Master