Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Being A Poor Muslim Beggar Woman..Is Living Without Options .. Beg Or Die

the mesh
of the hijab
slits as eyes
she watches
sadly as
the seasons fly
they all rush
for friday namaz
the muezzins
call but who
has time to
hear her cries
she is a
million times
unluckier than
the vestal nubile
virgins in paradise
on a parched
soul of sorrow
weeping skies
the beggar poets
soul decries
a million fatwas
filled with lies
beat her trample
her rape her
choke her voice
she is chattel
a sacrificial lamb
for the greater
good of man
she dare
not make
a single noise
allah ho akbar
peace on earth
live rejoice
a muslim beggar
on the soul of
a broken toy

I was in the cab with my wife and without saying a word as the txi slowed down I rushed out and shot a few frames caught up with the cab after the signal.. my soul saw this and poetry needed text to ad this image of pain..

ethnic cleansing continues
sectarian hatred continues
suicide bombing continues
a jihad of hate breaking news ..
muslims killing muslims continues

You Have That Single Eye In The Middle of Your Forehead To Be a Good Street Photographer

To Be a Good Photographer You Need Something More Than A Camera

Dreamers Migrants of Uttar Pradesh Once a Land of Parks Statues and White Elephants

:डॊ.भीमराव रामजी आंबेडकर

Tumich Amche Raje..
Tumich Amche Palan Harta..
Tumich Amche Kaiwari..
Tumich Amche Dev..
Tumich Amche Sarve Kahi..
Sadaiv Tumi Amchya Manat Rahi..

The Preachers of Jesus Live In High Places .. The Poor Live on The Roads

The Common Man of India Is Ashamed To Show His Face ..

bludgeoning blows
high cost of living
streets as home
a homily place
time fucked
his ass
while lady luck
covered his face
he lost the race
he will go away
burnt on borrowed
logs of termite
infested wood
leave no trace
man the only
you can easily
his life
is more
than roadside
they keep
about who
will be
the next
the only
as always
media wont
cover his story
his life a fucked
disgrace ,,
timeless space
is what he must
chase dirt
he must
to ashes
dust to dust
deathly pace
his god deaf
dumb mute
wont hear
his prayers
man one time
use faulty
you cant repair

Children of Uttar Pradesh.. Searching For a New Dawn Wanting To Die Where They Were Born

Sometimes I Hate What I Shoot a Barren Tree Broken Branches Fallen Fruits

Au Revoir Monsieur Sarkozy..bon débarras à ordures mauvaise