Friday, August 1, 2014

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz A Plea For Peace And Palestine

if there were walls on
Bandra   skywalk
they would talk..seeing
this ghostly haunted flock
the nobility of mumbai
press here docked ..

on Eid Ul Fitr Namaz
heads bowed as the
rains poured but
the namazis stood
like rocks unperturbed
on the station road
wet pockmarked

a barefeet blogger
with an umbrella
a wet camera
took stock..
a story through
blogs as emotions
prayers for people
of Gaza for humanity
round the clock

no i refuse to post pictures of dead bodies , dead children to shock and awe ..its in the human soul that the killing start ..a serous flaw ..

I Am Back ..Rolling Stones Do Gather Moss Even After A Loss

I had to rush to Delhi urgently to take care of an old pending matter , so I asked my son to complete my uploads and I left on Eid Ul Fitr by the Garib Rath...

I left from Delhi last night by the Nizamuddin Bandra Terminus , I was at Dargah Naizamuddin Aulia shot extensively prayed for all my friends and did  a lot of street photography.

This time I stayed the night at a relatives house at Malviya Nagar Khirkee extension, and first time this visit I was dressed normally pant shirt shoes no attitude .

The Delhi Pictures I will post once I end the description of my Eid Ul Fitr pictures shot at Bandra Station that is pending..

And I kept away from the internet at Delhi gave myself a much needed break.. and God answered my prayers and helped me a lot on this trip to some extent , I suffered a loss trusting someone but God the Maker  protected me  to bear it humanly .

I will still pray for his family ..but I learnt a lesson the hard way..