Friday, August 21, 2015

I lost my world, my fame, my mind

I lost my world, my fame, my mind — The Sun appeared, and all the shadows ran. I ran after them, but vanished as I ran — Light ran after me and hunted me down. -

MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation ‏@ShelarAshish @bandra_buzz

I have complained to Advocate Asish Shelar about a few Chapel Road boys playing football on the walking tracks intimidating senior citizens with no respect ,,sadly I told them I too studied in a Catholic school but never learnt all this ,,
I also complained about the Muslim guys from the nearby slums who use the filthiest language dressed in skull caps and their Tabliki attire ,, ladies pass by and the shouts of Ma Ke Laude rends the air ,,kids are playing here , the security is spineless as these guys they told me retaliate with swords I got this from the caretaker Mr Jain of MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation,,
Some guys have broken the fencing of the tennis courts play football here destroy the court property,, I mean this has to stop the Park is for everyone I spoke to the senior citizens they too have been threatened and abused wife hates to walk here in the evenings and I dont blame her ,, For us this ground is close by ,, so it affects us all why cant we be congenial human .. after all the games we play are gentlemen games ,, Cricket and Football..
I had also bought this to the notice of Mr Rahebar Khan who has a office here and Mr Sudesh Dubey Shiv Sena Shakha Pramukh who walks with me in the mornings..The buck has to stop somewhere ,,,

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Learning Tennis From Coach Surendra Pawar

I came to the MET Grounds at about 7.15 am and walked for about 1.5 km , when Coach Surendra asked me to come and play and his boys than told me it was his birthday ,,I played strenuous tennis first with Coach Surendra Pawar than his boys Mangesh and Darshan ..later on Praful Tamble I was really tired and I have a problem on my fee .. a suspected corn I have put a corn cap but it is not much help..we celebrated Coach Pawars birthday ,,had I known earlier I would have bought him a gift..Mr Pawar has changed my life turned it upside down and I am only playing tennis to bring my blood sugar under control so far having just played for a month my blood sugar from 350 has come down to 137 fasting and 147 PP.
My diet is under strict control but I had prawn pulao .. but mostly it is two chappatis and dal or vegetable ,, I dont drink I dont smoke I dont eat junk food but in the mornings a few pieces of palak bhajiya that I bring home ,,,
And this was in the morning ,, at about 6 pm , I wore my breeches my keds and thought of completing my walk.. I walk average 5 km.. and again after 1.50 km Mr Pawar asked me to come in and this was a very heady session , with Mr Pawar and than Vish Sawant who made me run around the court non stop for 35 minutes and I thanked them both and walked out of the court to complete my this is a day in the life of a photo blogger ,, if I have work I avoid the evening walk.. wife walks after 8 after I come home,,
My son Asif Shakir who was a total couch potato has joined a gym and after namaz at the Bazar Shia mosque , he goes for his work out and walks too..
And before I forget a Muslim woman caught up with me on my walk in the evening , she is a mother of two kids and said seeing me playing she has enrolled both her school going kids from next month and might play tennis herself...,in the hijab,I simply told her Health is Wealth our health is our childrens Wealth..they need us and we have to be there for them..and I am happy that there are mothers grandparents playing tennis with their wards .
I am lucky I got this chance and realization very very late in life ,, my grandkids just love tennis ,,