Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dure Najaf Cools You In Summer

My Dure Najaf

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It is obtained from Najaf al-Ashraf, Iraq. Those obtained from the river are more illustrious than those obtained from the land. Both Hazrat Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq and Imam Hassan al-Askari (9th grandson of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)) have said that wearing of Dur-e-Najaf has great thawab.

It is good for ailments of the eye and it creates happiness in the heart. The 6th Imam stated on Dur-e-Najaf, that all the Momineen and Mominaat feel happy when they sight this stone, and the pain of their eyes is relived. A Gemstone full of spiritual and religious values and benefits. No need to worry for date of birth etc, any one can wear with full peace of mind.

It can also recall old forgotten memories and assist in solving problems. Dur-e-Najaf brings self-knowledge and wisdom to ourselves. It can also supply energy and stamina to the lagging physique.

Dur-e-Najaf gently attracts a balance of all seven colour rays to your body, emotions, and mind. In the process, it corrects any colour ray imbalances in your physical and subtle bodies. When you become more balanced on this fundamental level, all aspects of life improve.

It also

* Increase your energy bring more balance, grace, and harmony to your life
* Promote balance in the relationship among your body, mind, and emotions
* Foster balance within and among your body's physical processes
* Balance your mind's creative and analytical aspects
* Regain your balance after a life-changing or traumatic experience
* More easily learn from past experiences so you can make better choices