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Bleeding Rain - Ya Hussain Moharam Ends With Athvi

On 31 December Shias will take part in the Athvi or 8 Rabilwal mourning when Mohram officially ends after 2 month 8 days .

In Mumbai there are Athvi processions at Govandi  and at Malad where scourging and kama matam is performed one last time in memory of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

At Mehmoodabad Sitapur District it is led by the Raja of Mehmoodabad and his family , traditional tazias Amary and scourging on the way ,, but the most important aspect of Mehmoodabad Athvi is Zuljana the stallion representing the steed of Imam Hussain is released and he rushes into the crowds reaches the Roza of Imam Hussain.. and places his head on the shrine.

The most iconic is Lucknow Athvi .. that starts with the Chup Tazia procession from Nakhas , a silent mournful dirge of Ghabrayegi Zainab and past memories of its founder late Bakar Sab a very humble man, who wept , covering his face with a hanky.. stand out .

The Chup tazia with fortified security passes through the streets of Lucknow and is …