Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Walk Of Life

From Bandra Hill Road
to home she walks
cutting through
the myriad moments
on the street she rocks
to the slum kids
she talks
beggars are
her best friends
their dreams
all locked
goats cats dogs
on the way
her path
at the bandra
post office she will
a letter to
uncle glenny
in the post box


Halt, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

two year old
a street photographer
by default
what i shoot
with my camera
she shoots with her eyes
her computerized mind
a picture vault
glory be the streets
that one day
her vision
she will exalt
the sweat
of her brow
the breath
of salt

Beauty Lies In The The Eyes of a Street Photographer

it does not matter
how why what
when you shoot
as a street photographer
even a mound of garbage
becomes a tree
bearing fruit
from the urban
paved streets of pain
moments you loot
through the poems
of life on a canvas
of despair you pay tribute
children begging
for a future
at traffic signal
covered in soot
on torn wings
of imagination
from one signal
to another
traffic signal
of life
they commute
dirty disheveled
but cute
the moment
one gets pregnant
another one
they will recruit
a system
gone kaput
tortured survival
at every route
a gutter of life
time pollutes
fate watches
so as a
street photographer
beauty in the eyes
of a two year
old child
related to me by
i salute
her eyes
my vision
my camera
my offshoot

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

molten tears
on the cheek
of humanity froze
is stealing the soul
of a situation
up close
make it
read like poetry
what was once
prose from
you vision
the heart and soul
of another
person flows
like a tree
laden with
fruits it grows
what one
did not know
holistically healing
curing through
what you show
keeping alive
of long time ago
a picture shot in
in the heart
of a super mom
teresa burke
it glows
is your souls echo
for pedantic pompous
salon photographers
media photographers
this is not yet so
only their camera
takes pictures
continuous mode auto
compose shot and expose
they dont know
the difference
between their ass
or their rectum
or their nose
as a poem
in unlearning photography
a bitter pill of truth
ground reality
i enclose

a two year old
waiting in the wings
street photographer
takes a bow

Studying For Life's Exams

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studying for life's exams
lessons she mugs and crams
doors that destiny slams
educated the blow
is lessened
for a girl child
the sacrificial lamb

Marziya Shakir Tweaks The Soul of a Photographer

My Mother Is The Best

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all night
she keeps awake
when my crying
does not stop
my pain
the soul
of her
little cry baby
on the tree top
as i go
on crying
non stop
in the morning
she buys
me chocolates
from the
sweet shop
my mother
is the best
top of the top
my mother
for your mother
i would never swap

you inherit
you cant buy
from a shop
you present
your past
your future
the backdrop

Marziya and Sister Christobel

Sister Cristobel runs a charity house Mother Teresa's Roses at Bandra Hill Road opposite Bandra Post Office ..I have known her for many years , she cleans up the wounds of the beggars on Hill Road..and does exemplary social service ..Marziya and Sister are now good friends..

The Slum Kids and Marziya Shakir

The Blind Man of Bandra

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he is blind
living in darkness
he has no regrets
he begs for a living
in the name of allah
he gets what he gets
he reads the scripture
of life embedded pain
as text wading
through a tunnel
that has no light
what next
you see him
in the right context
a blind beggar
of jain mandir
road bandra

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

27 May 2018 As a Shia I am targeted even  by  Sufis Sufism that  I promoted vigorously as a Malang .. I have renounced my Malang...