Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is Kursi Ne Taqt Se Zyada Desh Ko Barbad Kiya

sirf corruption
of the people
by the people
for the people
abad kiya
ko murdabad kiya
vote liya aur dard diya
desh ka beda garqk kiya

His Problems Are Greater Than 2 G Spectrum Scam

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his blistered ass
morning to night
his bosses ram
his life a flickering
candle in a broken lamp
demystified damp
quartered cramped
you poor man
will be fucked
from the cradle
to the grave on
his tattered soul
by a rich mans god
duly stamped
there was hope
but it too needed
security conveniently

The Karmic Wheel of Pain In Slow Motion

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street photography
is capturing pain
as it defaces
on the soul
of the street
not yet wanting
to succumb
to defeat
broken spirit
broken feet
in humidity and heat '
the karmic wheel
in slow motion
a journey complete
his fucked fate
neither his parents
nor his parents parents
could ever cheat
sorrow bitter and sweet
two parallel lines
a the horizon of hope
separate and meet

beauty dies in the eye
of the beholder
a fucked heartbeat

Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Public Badnam Hui Raja Tere Liye

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kam jo tune kiye
kam jo tune kiye
favors jo tune diye
mal jo tune liye
desh ko nanga karke
majhe jo sabne liye
public badnam hui
raja tere liye

So Much Of Scam Traffic Jam

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jesus in a sad corner
wonders am i what i am
erstwhile minister
allegedly takes
the nation for a jolly
ride so much of scam
traffic jam 2 G spectrum
the story of a Raja
grand slam political
mother india
who really cares a damn
you are the power plug
of india thank you ma'am
the silence from above
silence of the lamb
a creek over bursting
the destiny of the dam
common wealth of
the people for the people
by the people hope
offered per kilo gram
corruption sealed signed
duly stamped

Politicians Dreams Are Built On The Rubble of Slums

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bursting eardrums
on the soul of our city
the poor are offered crumbs
on their shanties
the builder politician nexus
builds towers accumulating
large sums everyone
in collusion lust greed
money power the soul
goes numb democracy
a devil in disguise
the politician is clever
only the voters are dumb
jo jeeta woh hai sikandar
laughing all the way
to the bank netaji hums
long live corruption
long live freedom
an insult on the tricolor
mother india
our national anthem

Shooting The Bull Kurbani at Behrampada Bandra East

This bull belonged to a person with whom I had a long chat a Muslim youth intelligent and far seeing,I had waited for two hours after shooting the goats to shoot the bull slaughter as the bull slaughter was over it happens at 7 am I had reacted late due to the bad state of a diabetic ulcer on my right hand.

This was a tough one the Muslim boyto whom the bull belonged was given the knife to make the first deadly cut on the throat , in the meanwhile the standing bull was bought down by the two butchers , but at the last minute one of the guy let go of the legs , the knife was not sharrp, so the cut did not happen, and the bull knew he was being killed so he was violent , luckily a strapping butcher youth from another end rushed in calmed the bull and the Imam Saab cut the neck..

I did not wait for the skinning of the bull or the division of his body I was tired I rushed back home.
And all these are shot on the second day of Bakra Eid I have another lot of Bakra Ed Kurbani pictures shot on the main day I have not posted as yet.

This has taken me the longest tie to upload and share with all of you.

That I love shooting bood and gore goes without saying..

I will shoot more blood and gore during Moharam too.. two sacrifices in one year for the price of Peace and Humanity..

Ek Kamina Macchar Waqt Ko Bhi Namard Bana Deta Hai

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I have been using MTNL broadband as my internet service provider and my net my uploads everything was running smoothly ,f there was a problem it was immediately solved oce I personally approached people at the MTNL Broadband office at St Martins Road Bandra.

I never grumbled or complained abut MTNL broadband but since the day after Bakra Eid my problems began my net was dead all day all evening it was there for sometime in the night than again went dead.

I gave it another try this morning and managed to upload 1 picture and there are a lot more I shot of the bull and goat kurbani on Bakra Eid

So now you know why I want to surrender my modem and phone back to MTNL Broadband.. I am really really pissed I pay for a service that is poor pathetic and very bad,

Their technicians know I have a genuine serious problem but they have no cure for it and as I write this they are enjoying their Sunday holiday why bother after all this is a typical made in India problem, we are products of a fucked system that will never change apathy corruption is written in golden words on the soul of our nation , a rich nation that has been raped by those who run it protect their own kind for the convenience of governance they merely replace the pLayers and the musical chairs.

A scam is happening but who really cares this politics in a janta darbar,an encounter specialist on the run, a man responsible for law and order and gunning down people and the silence of the people on the top allowing the rogueminister or cop to go scott free .

At the end of the day add your two bits on the Barkha Dutt show after all it is TRP that counts I am shocked how Mr Salman Khan prostitutes the Big Boss show for money and not for anything else and on the other hands wants the nations conscience on prime time to Be Human.

And my Marziya Shakir my three year old grand daughter is Salman Khans greatest fan.
It hurts there is no justification and madam Rakhi Sawantji calling a man Namard is as bad as calling te government in the same abusive manner for the sale of glamor glitz and big bucks.

Yes we are products of an impotency that too comes from being Indians it was bequeathed to us much before our birth.

Somewhere out there there is a bigger player uncaught bigger than Raju or Mr Kalmadi. its called greed and it is the base ingredient in the fucked soul of Humanity.

MTNL Broad Band And The Pain Of a Dead Blogger

After making several complaints about my internet connection provided by MTNL Bradband Mumbai my service provider I had a visit from two of their technicians they saw my agony said it was a line problem and disappeared without rectifying the fault.

I sent several messages to Mr Johnny and Mr Shyam Sunderji of MTNL St Martin Broad band office but today being Saturday I am left in the lurch, I got connected now I dont know I will be thrown into the Unknown Zone page cannot be displayed.

My Eid Bull Kurbani pictures I cant upload.. so I am at the Mercy of MTNLBroadband which is going the You Telecom way..

I think none of them have the infrastructure to serve , and dont even pay for their faults and outage..the consumer is helpless and is dead more like the bull in the picture I shot..

In this case a barefeet blogger of Mumbai.