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Good Bye Mr KG Maheshwariji ,,You Were In A Greater Hurry Than Me

These are pictures shot  as symbolic salute to a great painter of Light .And these pictures I shot for those followers lovers admirers of Mr KG Maheshwari who are not aware of the passing of a great legend ,, and sadly my country India remembers them only after they have passed away never to return.

He was placed on a bier in his favorite suit , and in hands he held his work Silver Memories this was a picture I would have loved to shoot and share only his creative hands and his creativity and does creativity die I dont think so.

The Maheshwari family is linked to the Birla family and Mr Maheshwari as a young man spent time here with the Mahatma at Birla House .

He was a strict disciplinarian but he was never rude or offensive once I was telling a gathering at my Club PSI that I had bought the Nikon D80 on a loan, he got off his chair and said hobby should be kept as a hobby you take loan for business and shut me up.

And he loved me all the same and would tell me that one could find K…

End Of A Long Journey Mr KG Maheshwari RIP 1922 - 2014

Great humble photographer Mr KG Maheshwariji passed away last night at his house in Mumbai.
I was informed of his sad demise by good friend Mr KJothady.
I reconfirmed the same from his family and shall be going to his funeral from Napean Sea Road today at 3 pm.

I had not met Mahehwariji since many years but we kept in touch via phone ,, his failing health  was the key cause that kept him away from the Intenet too. Maheshwariji in his nineties was a passionate blogger and a friendly soul.

I offer my condolences to his family his wife the backbone of his long journey Kamal Babu Kartike and his immediate family .
Om Shanti Om, May His Soul Rest in Peace ..

About .Mr KG Maheshwari  Hon. FIIPC, ARPS, APSA, Hon. FIP, Hon. NPPA

Born on November 2, 1922, Maheshwari’s interest in Photography as a hobby began from his school days. His father wanted him to take up Music as hobby and a teacher was asked to come and audition the boy at home. But the result was disappointing when the teacher decla…