Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bandra Meri Hai

bum bum bum bandra meri hai, bum bum bum bandra meri hai
our garbage is nice , exciting full of spice
come to Bandra come to Bandra , Bandra meri hai

Come from England come from scotland, come from ireland
come from Holland come from poland come to from any land
if you are looking out for a smelly holiday
come to Bandra come to Bandra Bandra Sar Phiri Hai

Eid Al Adha Namaz 2013 Bandra Station Road

Eid Hugging Pictures

In Great Demand At Marwari Photo Stock Agencies

Bakra Eid...Khushamdeed

The festival is celebrated to honour the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his first born son Ismail to the God on his command.This is a four day festival which falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah. The celebration of the festival begins with a Sunnah prayer of two rakats followed by a sermon and after the descent of Hajj from the Mount Afarat.

Bandra .. Where All Live In Peace

This Is The Photo Editor Favorite - Eid Hugging Picture ,,,

Khuda Jab Asman Se Phir Zameen Par Dekhta Ho Ga..

Eid Namaz Bandra Station Eid Al Adha 2013

Bandra Is Home

I Write With Light

The Barefeet Blogger With A Press Card

I Love My Bandra

Running For The Namaz On 4 Legs

Eid Al Adha Namaz 2013 Bandra Station Road ..

Bandra Red And White

This Dreamer Lives In Bandra

Main Bambai Ka Babu Nam Mera Bachkanda ,,

We Welcome Migrants Beggars Homeless To Our City ,, It Is As Much Theirs As It Is Ours

We Are Born Dreamers ..Oh Shut The Fuck Up

When Poets Become Photographers They Dont Let Go Of Rhyme ..Even If It Is Stuck In Slime

We Fornicate To Create Babies ,,,

Mummy Daddy Baby ,,, Decided To Check In At Bandra Skwalk...

Welcome To Home For The Homeless - Bandra Skywalk On Bakra Eid

Eid Mubarak To You All From Bandra .. Khushamdeed Come Again ..I Skip The Poem Here

This Is Why I Walk Barefeet To Feel The Flowers Of Hope Laid By The Bandra Municipality

She Sits And Begs Here Every Eid ,,,, The Muslim Woman On Bakra Eid ,, Yes We Do Sacrifice Goats

This Time I Decided Not To Shoot Qurbani..As At Facebook It Is Reported As Graphic Violence Lol

Eid Mubarak.. Eid Greetting For Eid Al Udha To Everyone On Twitter Flickr Tumblr Facebook ,,

a picture i took
of Bandra ..
a fairy tale book
of peace hope
humanity ,,,
the holistic
if you live here
or even pass it by
it gets you
by the hook
bandra bazar
sleeping bylanes
sleeping corporators
sleeping municipality
kachra garbage in
every nook ..
here politicians
will come out
of hibernation
hands folded
faulty faceless
smiles ..for
that one vote
one last final
home of sandra
no her father was
not the son of a
seacook ..
bandra where
you will will
find more
clones of salman
than sharukh
a beggar poet
for once as an
actor was
phata poster
nikla hero
a role i took
out of my
own fashion book

Eid Namaz -Eid Al Adha Bandra Station 2013

There was strict security at the Bandra skywalk when I reached here barefeet at the Bandra skywalk.. the only skywalk that has honed me as a photographer and a poet of sorts ..most of the drug addict community that inhabits this stretch to my ire call me photo wale uncle ,, nod my head nonchalantly ,,,in the late evenings the skywalk becomes lovers nook our own..Ek Bar Ana Bandra Town..

The homeless sleep here because the only police security on the skywalk is during the eid namaz .. so well I reached here with my new dog tag.. that now reads International Press Photographer ..the bottom line is International Blogger but in very tiny font as even Press guys are not yet aware of the true meaning definition of a blogger ,unlike them we just dont die after we are published .. we live on forever...our blogs do not reach the bhangarwalas shop at the end of the month.

This picture was shot by good friend Ritesh Uttamchandani..

I met other friends from the press like Rafiq Maqbool and missed the usual Facebook crowd of photographers .. I shoot the namaz and most religious events barefeet and for the first time shot all this with a glass piece stuck in my feet that I think I extricated at home after the shoot. I am still not sure as I am still limping..

This time the beggars were fewer , and I felt sad for them perhaps they had gone to other venues .. or at Bandra Reclamation where there is arrangement for ladies separately ..I owe my loyalty to the Bandra Station street namaz being a prolific street photographer ,,,and today as a tribute to Mr Raj Kumar Santoshi and Shahid Kapoor I wore the same dress that I wore for my short cameo in Phata Poster Nikla Hero..My fan following is among beggars and those that watch movies in the first row.. luckily they remember me more than the hero too.. because I am a Bandra guy.. a Bandra blogger and a Bandra Manoos.

And please note I shoot a story board so my Eid namaz pictures begin with garbage littered on the roads that lead to the namaz site Municipality only cares for one Religion the Religion of Kadak Note Than Than Gopal..and Nagad Narayan..

I Am The Fucked Product Of Circumstances

a copulated
thought divine
while swimming
freely my seminal
soul was caught
hook sinker line
within the poetry
of two beings
i was created
broken rhyme
entwined ,,,
in her cosmic
penitentiary of
womb a speck
i made it ,,
just in time
pickled brine
on whom the
carrion will
dine..rats rodents
eating the human
garbage even
swines ...because
i wont be buried
in a cemetery
end of my lifeline
washed away
as ashes on
some distant
where she lives
happily ever after
my muse no she
never wanted to be
this poets concubine
a part of me
hangs on her hearts
dreams bottomline

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