Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Get Blessed by the Naga Sadhu

The Nagas Are Coming . Har Har Mahadev

As a photographer my genre is peoples photography with relevance to culture rituals occult possession and exorcism..I have shot the genre beyond the borders of caste color or creed ,, I shoot Faith as it moves Mountains that come in its way,, I am fascinated by the Naga Sadhus ,, shooting the Maha Kumbh 2013 Nasikh Kumbh 2003 and Nasikh Kumbh 2015 was easily falicitated because of my connection with my Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj Juna Akhara ,, perhaps I am his only Muslim disciple ,,and highly privileged for being part of this greatest event on Earth.. My Guru invites me much before the Kumbh begins ,, and I am indebted to him as a photographer ,, he gives me shelter a place to stay and has never asked me for a penny though I contribute what I can in all humility and gratitude ,, his disciples go out of their way to help me respectfully even the Nagas in his fold call me Malang Baba nobody calls me by my name ever ,,
These are pictures shot on the streets of Trimbakeshwar on the day of the 29 August Shahi Snan.. it went off very smoothly thanks to the Nasikh adminstration and the Maharashtra Police and the pilgrims and residents ..

My First Bottle of Water On Shahi Snan Day

I was shooting the Shahi Snan for 4 hours and I desperately needed water but there was no drinking water inside the Kund ,, and when I stepped out of the Kund I saw this half open shop and bought a bottle ,,I have till date posted 2500 images at Flickr ,,My account is marked Safe and all my frontal nudity pictures of the Naga Sadhus are restricted at Flickr ,,

I strictly follow Flickr guidelines and at Facebook I follow their terms regulations as regards my nude Naga Sadhu pictures ,,

At Ello only those who want to see Adult content can see my pictures and Ello has a much better display and viewing ..

I am lazy I have hardly posted any of my stuff at my Kumbh Mela blogspot site .

I still have a lot of pictures to upload and only God knows if I will go back again to shoot the next two Shahi Snans at Nasikh..I have to get in touch with my Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj 18 Madi Juna Akhara.

The Peaceful Muslims Of Bandra

He stays near the Bandra Reclamation Sunni Mosque and we became friendly a few months back since I started walking at the MET Grounds and this is the short cut through the beef market that exits out via the mosque at Bandra Reclamation..
He is a migrant and a self made man from UP lives in Bandra since 60 years , when I pass him by he is reading the Urdu papers or having a shave and I love to shoot him , the kindness of his face and his humble personality ,,and sometimes I blog about him ..he inquires about my family my grandkids , and I really miss him when he goes to visit his hometown.
I would have never met him had I not taken this route for my walks as I normally went for my walks via Lal Mitti main Bandra Reclamation road. His name is Ahad Bhai I think he deals in construction materials and has a shop near the mosque.
We get along pretty well ..we dont talk religion , we dont talk about politics or the weather ,,, we just greet each other ,and we are both Bandraites ,, we were not born in Bandra ,,, but Bandra was born in us ,,, cosmically ,,,and intrinsically ,.