Monday, December 24, 2007

Monochromatic Morbidity -Man

Monochromatic Morbidity -Man
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

I recieved this picture as an email attachment but the photographer who shot this has captured time and arrested a human emotion,there is so much to be read that my words unecessarily sound redundant .
Man is Gods finest mistake and God gave man qualities that he did not give animals, he made a thinking man, yes a sinking man a drinking man , to his environment not a linking man, a stinking man, hate filled waking tall but alas a shrinking man.

man caught in a vicious web
colors of hate raw unrefined
pain and pathos undefined
values ethics all maligned
sometimes good
sometimes bad
sometimes ugly and unkind
god given vision
man is morbidly going blind
divided into two
colors of hate
bleeding black
bleeding white
monochromatic morbidity unwind
bound by the color of crimson red
held up by muscles bones sinews
a scaffolding of hate
a broken fence
an uprooted tree
on the soul and soil of mankind
gods finest mistake man
satanic godly thus combined
for his unborn children
a torn and tattered page
of history to remind