Friday, September 4, 2009

The Media Stand on the Top..Still Photographers and Dogs not Allowed

The Lalbagh Cha Raja Leaves the Pandal

I shot the Tejukaya perched on a truck, as the Lalbagh Cha Raja had not yet come out of the Pandal, photographers had found places on the tarafa opposite the gate , I was not that lucky so I walked into the pandal via the backdoor and shot these pictures , but now coming out to the main gate was a problem I was caught in a huge crowd , but I managed and outside the Lalbagh Cha Raja gates nobody would allow me to shoot or giving me some place on the tarafa, I was driven out from every place , media photographers can be mean and ruthless for pictures, I raised the camera above my head and took random shot of Lalbaghh Cha Raja moving out..

These are not creative pictures but pictures that document a journey of the Raja towards his way through streets of Mumbai till Girgaum Chowpatty.

I followed him barefeet till Kumbharwada and returned home after shooting the Muslims felicitating the Raja at Do Tanki.

I broke my fast at Byculla.

The Barefeet Blogger at the Court of Lalbagh Cha Raja

Barefeet Blogging the Soul of Mumbai

Barefeet Blogging the Soul of Mumbai

Barefeet Muslim Blogger of Mumbai

Following the Footsteps of Lalbagh Cha Raja

Hi Shaan Konachi Lalbagh Cha Raja Chi !

Today was my 12 fast and the day of Visrajan of Lord Ganesha , his stay at the various pandals had come to an end ..I left for Lalbagh baefeet armed with my camera . my humility and an umbrella.

This is my new series shot from 10 am till 11 began at Lalbagh and ended at Kumbharwada, my fast I broke at Byculla , and TV 9 took my interview, of this Muslim barefeet blogger of Mumbai..Mukund a guy from Byculla was touched by my gesture of walking with Lalbagh Cha Raja year after year ..what hit me was his words- he said Firoze bhai because you respect my deity and religion , I shall undertake a roza a fast , to thank you for this..

I was in tears because Lalbagh Cha Raja is an ethos of Mumbai.. Lalbagh Cha Raja is brand Mumbai beyond caste color or creed..

I am indebted to Raju Langewal , Balasaheb Kamble and President of the Lalbagh Cha Mandal Satish Khankar.. and the rest of his boys.

The volunteers who helped me , but the crowds were uncontrollable I was almost crushed in a stampede I hurt my leg and my neck but continued shooting over 800 pictures.

This series I dedicate to my patron Mr Shatrughan Sinha MP Patna Sahib and his wife Punam Sinha.. they are my extended family and I owe my professional growth to them..

I have been connected to this erstwhile Bollywood Family since 25 years or more.

I came home 11.45 PM..

This is one Visarjan day I shall never forget in my life..

I shot the Do Tanki felicitation of the Lalbagh Cha Raja by the Muslim community, I shot this last year too but called the area Nagpada instead of Do Tanki .

I was given a coconut as prasad that I shall give to Mrs Punam Sinha tomorrow..

Thus continues my tryst with Hope and Hindutva a message of Peace.