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Michael Jackson " Invincible" RIP

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Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)[2] was an American recording artist and entertainer. The seventh child of the Jackson family, he debuted on the professional music scene at the age of 11 as a member of The Jackson 5 and began a solo career in 1971 while still a member of the group. Referred to as the "King of Pop" in subsequent years, four of his solo studio albums are among the world's best-selling records: Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995), while his 1982 Thriller is the world's best-selling record of all time.

In the early 1980s, he became a dominant figure in popular music and the first African-American entertainer to amass a strong crossover following on MTV. The popularity of his music videos airing on MTV, such as "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and Thriller—credited for transforming the music video into an art form and a promotional tool—helped bring the relatively new channel to fame. Videos such as "Black or White" and "Scream" made Jackson an enduring staple on MTV in the 1990s. With stage performances and music videos, Jackson popularized a number of physically complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk. His distinctive musical sound and vocal style influenced many hip hop, pop and contemporary R&B artists.

One of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, his other achievements include multiple Guinness World Records—including one for "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time"—13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles in his solo career—more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era. Jackson's highly publicized personal life, coupled with his successful career, made him a part of popular culture for almost four decades.

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009, aged 50.[2]

Muslims of Behrampada Bandra East Need You !!!!

This ends the series of pictures I shot on 25 June Behrampada Bandra East.

My title too make others read this and see the pain of the people of Behrampada ..political parties must cut through party lines and bring aid and relief to these helpless people.

The one party that can do a lot just a single word from Shri Bala Saheb Thackeray and Shri Udhav Thackeray of the Shiv Sena..could almost be a miracle in disguise..the situation is not about appeasing the Muslims but standing up for them as Mumbaikars even if the majority hails from UP or Bihar..

Even the MNS and Mr Raj Thackeray should come out in support of these unfortunate people in a bigger way and see that rehabilitation process is done more speedily without bureaucratic delay .On July 29 200 we are expecting heavy rainfalls , so action should be taken much before this dangerous zone arrives.

What saddens me there is no other organization that has come forward to alleviate the problems off this helpless souls, I think even if they are Muslims they need sympathy , care as they are our Indian brethren ,this is the time for the other communities to come forward with an olive branch.. it takes two hands to clap..
The relief agencies at Bismillah Compund are looking for donors , well wishers, another sad thought , there has been no collection drive by the Bollywood producers , directors and stars , earlier they did it for the serial bomb victims ?

Or is because these victims of harsh fate are Muslims that apathy is being shown to them..
An American lady miles across the oceans sent me this message at Flickr..

"Your people need help, Fizore. And you may be the only one in this case who can get them that help. Flickr is fine and so are blogs but Youtube is often where the real power is, or on Facebook possibly ......

Have you written the Red Crescent and Unicef? How bout some celebrities like Americans? Get George Clooney or someone aware of it and something may happen .......I mean hello there was enough controversy about "Slum Dogs" but it got attention and so now people are aware.

Or write Oprah, that woman has incredible power ......

Iran Zendabad

image courtesy Hamed Rad

a nation
crying out to be free
free it surely
is going to be
the voice of the people
the will of the people
protected by the Almighty
God is not Blind
He can see
Truth Equality Liberty Justice
he will guarantee
the Oppressor the Tyrant
he will bring to his knees
Iran Zendabad
Quest for Peace
a captive bird
He will release

We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook.Need As Many Members Possible To Stop This!

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fred miller master blaster blogger

Common Interest - Current Events
Because of Facebook's huge popularity Mark Zuckerberg is getting a lot of offers from people wanting to buy Facebook. People Who WILL turn it into a paysite.

Lets all stick together on this one and let them know that we will leave Facebook if they decide to charge us to use it.

Please join and use the "INVITE PEOPLE TO JOIN" tab on the right hand side and invite all your friends to join.


All you have to do to help STOP this is:

► 1 Join this group.

► 2 Click on "Invite People to Join" button in the right menu.

► 3 Select all of your friends.

► 4 Click on the "Send invitation" button

...........(0 0)
.---oOO-- (_)-----.
.......... || ||
....... ooO Ooo
Contact Info
London, United Kingdom

natarsim natarsim, ma hame ba ham hastim

image and post courtesy mona irani

Before reading consider the fact that real change comes from within, as you have seen during the last weeks.قبل از خواندن توجه داشته باشید که در این هفته ها دیدیم که چگونه تغییر واقعی از درون می جوشد

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

هموطنان عزیز

ایرانیان شرافتمند دور از وطن
حضور گسترده و پرشور شما هموطنان در انتخابات 22 خرداد امسال نمایانگر دلبستگی شما عزیزان
به ایران عزیز و دغدغه هاي قابل تحسین شما نسبت به آینده کشورتان است و همانطور که در پیام
انتخاباتی به شما عزیزان اعلام کردم ایران متعلق به همه ایرانیان است و همه آحاد ملت در داخل و
خارج نسبت به آینده آن مسئول و در آن از حقوق یکسان برخوردارند.ا

بر خود فرض میدانم که از حماسه حضور شما در تعیین سرنوشت کشورتان قدردانی نمایم .ا

استقبال گسترده شما عزیزان از این انتخابات و حضور سبز و بانشاطتان در پاي صندوق هاي ر أي
آنچنان وسیع بود که حتی منابع دولتی و برگزار کنندگان انتخابات ر ا وادار نمود که به افزایش
سیصد درصدي مشارکت هموطنان خارج از کشور در انتخابات دهمین دوره ریاست جمهوري
اعتراف نمایند.ا

اعتماد وسیع شما به این خادم کوچک ملت و رأي قاطعتان به اینجانب در اکثریت حوزه هاي رأي
گیري خارج از کشور مسئولیت سنگینی را بر دوش من گذاشته است.مایلم به همه شما اطمینان
دهم به عهدي که با شما عزیزان و تمامی آحاد ملت بزرگ و حماسه ساز کشورمان بسته بودم
پایبند بوده و با استفاده از تمامی راهکارهاي قانونی حقوق حقه شما را، که در صندوق هاي ر أي
متجلی شده بود پیگیري خواهم کرد.ا

متأسفانه چنانچه شما نیز از طریق رسانه هاي بین المللی مشاهده میکنید ، بر خلاف نص صریح
قانون اساسی و آزادي هاي مصرح در جمهوري اسلامی کلیه امکانات ارتباطات من با ملت و از جمله
شما عزیزان قطع شده و اعتراضات مسالمت آمیز مردم سرکوب می شود . رسانه ملی که از بیت
المال کشور اداره میشود با سیاه نمایی مشمئز کننده اي به قلب حقایق پرداخته و راه پیمایی
مسالمت آمیز قریب به سه میلیون نفر در تهران را به اغتشاشگران نسبت میدهد و روزنامه هایی
که از منابع دولتی اداره میشود به بوق و کرناي غاصبان رأي مردم تبدیل شده اند.ا

اینجانب ضمن تشکر مجدد از اعتراضات مسالمت آمیز شما هموطنان خارج از کشور که انعکاس
وسیعی در جهان داشت از شما میخواهم که با استفاده از کلیه راهکارهاي قانونی و وفاداري به نظام
مقدس جمهوري اسلامی، صداي اعتراض خود را در تقلب گسترده انتخابات به گوش مسئولین
کشور برسانید. من کاملاً بر این نکته واقفم که خواسته مشروع و برحق شما هیچ ارتباطی با فعالیت
گروههایی که معتقد به نظام مقدس جمهوري اسلامی ایران نیستند، ندارد. بر شماست که صفوف
خود را از آنان جدا کرده و اجازه سوء استفاده از موقعیت کنونی را به آنان ندهید.ا

میرحسین موسوي

In the Name of the God, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Dear compatriots,
Honorable Iranians living abroad,

Your widespread and energetic presence in this year’s 22 Khordad elections is indicative of your ties to our beloved Iran, and your admirable worries about the future of your country, and as I mentioned to you in my election message, Iran belongs to all Iranians and all layers of the populous are responsible for its future, and enjoy the same rights in it.

I feel obliged to thank you for your epic presence in determining the future of your country. Your widespread welcoming of these elections and your green and energetic presence at the ballot boxes was so large that it even forced the government and the organizers of the elections to admit to a 300% increase in the participation of Iranians in the tenth presidential elections outside of the country.

Your trust in this insignificant civil servant and your decisive vote for me in most of the voting stations outside of the country has placed a heavy burden on my shoulders. I would like to give you my assurance that I remain true to my existing pact with you and all layers of the great people of Iran, and using all legal avenues will demand your deserved rights that have been violated at the ballot boxes.

Unfortunately, as you witness in the international media, contrary to the letter of the constitution, and the stated freedoms in the Islamic Republic, all my communication with the people and you has been cut off, and people’s peaceful objections are being crushed. The national media which is being financed with public funds, with a revolting misrepresentation is changing the truth, and labels the peaceful march of close to three million people as anarchist, and the media that are being controlled by the government have become the mouthpiece of those who have stolen the people’s votes.

I’d like to thank you again for your peaceful objections which have received widespread coverage across the world, and would like to ask you that by using all legal channels, and by remaining faithful to the sacred system of the Islamic Republic, to make sure that your objections are heard by the authorities in the country. I am fully aware that your justified demands have nothing to do with groups who do not believe in the sacred Islamic Republic of Iran’s system. It is up to you to distance yourself from them, and do not allow them to misuse the current situation.

Mir Hossein Mousavi

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Michael Jackson Superstar RIP

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Michael Jackson, Pop Icon, Is Dead at 50
aka Mikaeel

The One Who Flew the Cuckoos Nest

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poem inspired by linda schaefer

the one who got away
a war criminal
need i say
American flawed
protects its own
a sucked system
at play
being white
is better than
being black or gray
blood littered
of the sons of America
Iraq Afghanistan
wont repay
unless Obama
has his way
is here to stay

Behrampada As Is Where Is

I have decided to post the balance pictures of Behrampada shot today , without tweaking, to show you the stark reality in color , the rains the people and the pain that lingers on, I used my creativity in my earlier pictures ,I made the statement I had to make.. now back to my pedestrian photography of pain as seen on the viewfinder of my soul.

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