Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Friend Vinay Parelkar

Vinay Parelkar is a devoted photo enthusiast , a passionate photographer a great teacher , and if someone does learn photography from him , I can assure you he will be a successful photographer
I met Vinay and Chitra Gokhale the first time when Mr Shreekant Malushte
took our batch for an outdoor shoot at National Park , I was learning photography from Mr Malushte and both Vinay and Chitra had come to assist him with the students as we were to do outdoor portraiture with ambient light and a few reflectors ,and this was a very long time back .
Vinay Parelkar has been my friend mentor guide , and his artistry , master craftsmanship.. in fine art photography is outstanding and commendable .
I always felt , that it is dynamic , visionary photographers like Vinay that should be at the helm of a photographic learning institutions , but camera clubs and perhaps the one we belong to has never kept this in mind , so we get to see the usual shit produced reproduced from one salon to the next .. and judges who dont know their elbows from their rectum..a man who has shot only flowers all his life what do you expect from his judgement when he sees a picture of a beggar .. he throws it in the dustbin.
So in a way I am happy that Vinay did not become the President of our club.. God saved his soul from burning in pictorial Hell I still feel sorry for Mr BW Jatkar , Mr Manchekar they were never given their worth , simply because they came from cultured backgrounds and could not be street fighters ,and camera clubs have passed their age , you need to re invent and for me Flickr became my camera club.. even though I say Fuck F Stops before taking a shot , and than in retrospection I am happy I met Vinay and he changed me considerably making me less opinionated .. more constructive minded and now that I am gradually going to give up photography for good and learn shooting videos , street videos hardcore life videos I hope to interview Vinay Parelkar ,and ask him what makes him has he reached heights with his Art and his Creativity ..Mind you , you see a picture as picture if you are using blinkers of a camera club I see a picture simply as a blog .. and this is photo blogging a million light years from decadent regressive analogue photography , shooting pictures for picture sake .. and not for Gods Sake ,,because God has gone silent , he makes us talk through our pictures