Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarajan 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan - I Only Shot What I Was Destined To Shoot

Lalbagh Chya Raja -Purcha Varshi Laokar Ya

Shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja At His Pandal On Visarjan Day

Bhagwan Hame Aisi Government Dena Jo Hamari Insaniyat Ke Layak Ho

Lalbagh Chya Raja Called Me To Today ,,,

The Beggar Poet ..

Hee Shan Konachi - Lalbagh Chya Raja Chi..

Lalbagh Chya Raja ,,Visarjan 2013

Shooting Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2013- Beggar Poet

of hope
on the
net ,,
the lord
me jab
we met
he gives
me darshan
every year
he never
i ask him
nothing at
without asking
i still get ..
good friends
on the internet

Lalbaghchya Rajacha Vijay Aso,

i have
to go
i will
next year
you know
so let this
be a happy
day let tears
of sadness
not flow
so make
merry dance
let me hear
your heartfelt
shouts of joy
Vijay Aso,

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan Journey 2013 Starts From Here ..

Lalbagh Chya Raja Calls Me For His Darshan On Visarjan Day 2013

I left home for Lalbagh Chya Raja visarjan in the morning at 6.30 am, I could not get a cab or a bus so I hitched a ride in a tempo going to Dadar market , chatting with the Marathi vegetable vendor ladies and the North Indian vendors ,,,from Dadar Plaza where they dropped me I took a cab for Lalbagh Chya Raja pandal as per my blogging tradition I was barefeet .

Entering in even at 7 am was tough but I managed , though I was confident once Sumit Kale my Facebook friend reached the pandal he would pull me in , he stays at Vashi but I had already got my darshan and this time I was careful about my belongings , the folks at the pandal know I am a diabetic so the volunteers gave me batawada and water ,,

I shot on my Canon EOS 7D .. however I had decided I would shoot the Lalbagh Chya Raja arti his exit from the pandal and return home.,,, instead of following him till Do Tanki,, I think I dont have the strength to walk barefeet ..that far now.

I met Rose she is a educated transgender a great believer of the Lord , no barricades can stop her from entering the pandal, she climbed the baricade of the main podium touched the Lord and came and stood by me,, I had shot her pictures last year that card including all my other cards and my wallet was stolen near Nagpada last visarjan..

I have talked about her to show you her devotion she walks from Oshiwara to be with the Lord... and the Lord leaves no stone upturned to give her darshan.. she came in simple clothes without make up.

I shot the Lord from Sumit Kales shop than followed him to the main gate , I obviously could not get him against the gate , after shooting some frames I decided to come home .. and I met my friend Shyam Kabre he was in the Shiv Sena darshan platform , he pulled me up and I got some glorious shots of Lalbagh Chya Raja ,,

From Lalbagh after shooting Tejukaya Cha Raja , Ganesh Gully Chya Raja and Parel Cha Raja I returned home via Sion..

I wont go to Girgaum Chowpatty .. as I had planned to be there with my guru Mr Shreekanth Malushte .

He Whispered .. Shakir Sakali 7 Wasta Me Tujha Wat Bagnar .

i know you
lost your
memory cards
your wallet
at the visarajan
last year ,,,
i am sorry
i was so busy
i could not
wipe your
tears ..
but i am there
waiting for you
just come walk
with me he
in my ear.
your pain
i shall clear
your love for
me my people
i want you near
i shall remove
all obstacles
vermilion on
your forehead
they will smear
your pictures
you will add
hope and cheer

ashta vinayaka
omkara ..lalbgagh
chya raja vijay aso
from the pandal
through the gates
he will appear
bring your umbrella
shakir ,,,you hear

Colors of Holi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

The sad thing about camera clubs is that almost everyone wants to be recognized as stalwarts of photography , almost everyone thinks he is promoting photography by having his pictures displayed on a wall of fame ,,

I felt and I still feel seniors should go to schools colleges give free demonstration , with collaboration of a school or college and this would mean creating new photographers , those who dont know about their inherent skills I voiced this many a time but people thought I was crazy .. because I dress up crazily,,,

The one man who has the same inclinations of promoting photography like me at grass root level is Shreekant Malushte.. teaching kids photography at Dharavi is noble but they dont even know where the next meal is coming from its like me teaching photography to beggars ,, I instead taught them how to think constructively and try to get out of this vicious circle of beggary..

My grand daughters are never going to become photographers per se .. their parents are conservative and will soon opt and distance them from male society.. once they grow a bit older ,,they are not my kids anyway .
But through the camera I showed them life pain , much before it ever visits them as a moment in life .. in life everything is possible.

So I am lucky my grand kids will never be part of camera culture they get the best lessons in life shooting the streets learning charity humility and when guest photographers like Glenn Losack Marc De Clercq Jean Marc kim Viola visit my house and other Indian photographers too ..

And I thought I should blog this ,,, my third grand kid Zinnia Fatima will shock you with her hold on the camera .. none of my grand daughters take the camera without putting the strap of the camera round their necks themselves.

We are street photographers the only text book that is theory practicals and life all in one ,,,

But without my photo gurus all of them I would have not reached this far..

I met all of them in a camera club.. I have nothing against camera clubs only the regressive nature of their traditions and culture that should be thrown out of the window.. photography has changed it has evolved and the mobile phone has changed it further .. I take a bow.