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The Muslim Man ..And A Message To The Wrong Number

There are some unique faces God bestowed on the Muslim Community , he can be a Sunni Shia or Sufi Malang .

Most of the older Muslim people get an added glow on their face their namaz , their good deeds humanity adds to their body language and their humility ,,

I prefer shooting simple humble Muslim folks I add them to my blogs , I artistically change their inner angst without photo shopping ..never liked photoshop ,,

I met this gentleman at Kurla East ..and I took this shot ..I tried to read his mind try to find out what he was thinking while I shot him..I will make his thoughts privy but a lot of people Muslims dont like their pictures being taken..and there are a lot of Muslims I would never shoot ,, for more reasons than one ,..

Today I met a guys father his son Shabaz had died recently ,, I had met him at Lilavati when his son was admitted for a serious accident ,, and I was meeting him now after a gap of few days ,,I offered my condolences but I could not hold back a few words ,…

I Shoot Him Every Time I Come To Kurla East

It is fucked heartless society
that turns man into beast
on his carrion they feast
acche din wont bring his
good days back last
but not the least ,,from
this dreadful deathly
existence he seeks
cosmic release ,
his soul mortgaged
his withering body
on lease ,,humanity
died a million times
at the hands of the
high priest ,,,