Sunday, June 17, 2012

I See What God Sees Too

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a muslim
begs from
a muslim
as he begs
from christain
or a hindu
a curse on
kills the soul
of mankind
it is true
the milk
of human
all through
on the streets
fate has
out of the blue
in more ways
than him
one who
is a beggar too

Man Child in a Zoo

He is a man child cub in a zoo
endangered specie its true
on the verge of extinction
a thought hackneyed but new
with his back to the world
a world of hate he left behind
a world of sorrow and suffering
he outgrew
now he eats only what
he can chew
his ancestors once upon a time
roamed the wilds
till evolution charged their intellect
they became from apes
men categorized as Christians Muslims and Jews
assorted races Buddhist Sikhs Parsis Jains Hindus
using religion as a weapon
their own kind without impunity
they mercilessly slew
political powerplay
man destroying man
a heady intoxicating brew
a god who created them
they killed on the cross
now by killing
those that did not kill him
pay off their forefathers
unpaid dues
suicide bombers
misplaced martyrdom
proselytizing the human soul
with any available excuse
Justice as a precondition
to Peace and Freedom
The only solution
for a global truce

a comment by paige perris island who deleted her flickr account

shaped by light
or sorrow
the future of this man
child lies within
his charms and
his wiles, his ability
to beguile.
his smile will take him
far and his past
will recede like a vapor trail
from a jet traveling
east to west,
his choice, what is best
for him and the rest
of his cadre.

Possessed Woman at The Holy Shrine Hussain Tekri Jaora 2011

Mr Vazifdar I Have Kept You Alive as Memory of Peace And Hope

Mr Vazifdar head priest of Tata Agiary a dear friend died a few years back he was very fond of my grand daughter Marziya Shakir

The Shias of Mumbai

The Muslim Beggar Was Created By Laid Back Muslim Society

Gods Heaven Will Be Full of Muslim Beggars

Before God Made Me Human He Made Me a Shia

Sunni Maulana Recites Majlis at Shia Gathering

This is Maulana Hamza Ashrafi of Malegaon a versatile Sunni scholar reciting Majlis at Cafe Sahil, that belongs to Hassan Iranian hookah joint hotelier.

This was after hours of work and it was a huge gathering

The Maulana had everyone in tears with his poetically powerful Massaib..

The Niyaz e Hussain was the most tastiest that I have ever had..
I came here thanks to my friend Habib Nassar..

Marefat Unkao milti hy,
Jinki Akido'n me YAKEEN hota hy

Dikhawe se kuch nahi hota
Pairwi-e-Ahlebayt se Parwaz-e-Jannat hota hy

Maaon ko sikha Saani-e-Zahra

Maaon ko sikha Saani-e-Zahra (a.s.) ka saleeqa
Behnoo ko Sakina (a.s.) ki duaoon ka asr dey
Muflis pay lal-o-jawahir ki ho barish
Maqrooz ka har qarz ada ghaib say karday
Jo chadar-e-Zainab (a.s.) ki azadaar hain Maula
Mehfooz rahain aisee khawateen kat parday
Gham koee na dey hum ko siwa’ay gham-e-Shabbir(a.s.)
Shabbir (a.s.) ka gham baat raha hai to idhar day

Sar Na Dety "HUSSAIN Ibn-e-ALI" Saari Dunya Yazeed Ho Jati ...

My Daughter Remembers Me On Fathers Day

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an alcoholic stupor
blocked my way
now with shadows
broken dolls
as dreams
she loves
to play
if i could
turn the clock
a thought
that plays
3 grand daughters
as my penance
as they sit
on my chest
my daughter
from far away
a tear drops
rolls down my
from my dark
i cant
get away
a fucked
on fucked
fathers day