Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trying To Kill Corruption at Grassroot Level..

Trying To Kill Corruption at Grassroot Level..

The Fumigator Behrampada Bandra East

Bull Kurbani Behrampada Bandra East

The poor people among the Muslims who cannot afford buying a goat , form a group and buy a single bull and sacrifice it , the bull is big animal and costs about Rs 15000 and above , so the share of each person works out nominal.

The bull kurbani is cheaper the butcher charges abut Rs 1500 for the cutting.

On the other hand a goat ranges from Rs 5000 onwards the butcher charges about Rs 650 to about Rs 800 for the cutting, price differs from area to area.

Lambs too are sacrificed but the meat is tasteless and they cost cheaper.

But of late Kurbani is about money power wealth and envy showing off by buying expensive animals for news crazy media,goats costing Rs 1 lac and above , fancy Chinese goats camels and dumbas.

I mean a sacrifice is a sacrifice if you but a an animal for one tenth the fancy price, the saved money could be donated to orphans and widows this is a thought that hardly reaches the rich Muslim mans hardened soul and mind.

We bought a goat for Rs 5000 and we never exceed this amount we are living on the precipice at the moment.We had our goat cut at the butcher my sons bought the meat home , I stayed away from all this because of the diabetic ulcer on my hand , our goat comes from Ebu bhai of Noorani Masjid lane.

Bull Kurbani Behrampada Bandra East

Most of the bulls had been slaughtered since 7 am , and I reached after all the kurbani was over.

However I waited for an hour and finally got pictures of the bull kurbani from the first cut to the last.

Because I knew people here they did not object to my picture taking.

The Sacrificial Goat On Bakra Eid

Bakra Kurbani Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Bakra Kurbani Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

The Hijra Blesses Marziya -On Bakra Eid

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the power of the child
holistically heals
the hijra knows
what i feel
by a single thread
a moment
i did steal
a revolution
of a lifetime
within a
karmic wheel
the hijras
empty stomach
searching for meal
the third eye of
the camera
irrevocably reveals
a pledge of life
as humanity
with a kiss it seals
the underbelly
of pain life's struggle
how could it conceal

Marziya And the Hijra Face To Face

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both part of
the human race
from the same source
of life their destiny trace
time and space
one a girl child
the other a man
but a woman
on the surface
called a hijra
as always
on bakra eid
the Almighty's grace
marziya and the hijra
face to face
held by his bounty
his universal grace
marziya as a phrase
means the will of Allah
Allah be praised

Hijra On Bakra Eid Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

Hijra On Bakra Eid Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

The Hijra on Bakra Eid

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This is a 4 GB card I have just downloaded on my laptop I shot the slaughter of the goats the hijras searching for kurbani meat and my grand daughter soon to be 3 years this month, Marziya Shakir who shot the goat kurbani pictures too yesterday she shot the pictures of Tulsi Vivah at Marwadi Chawl Bandra.

I also shot the goat and the bull slaughter on the second day of Eid called Basi Eid at Bismillah compound Behrmpada Bandra East.

And because I could not upload all this due to my MTNL Broadband internet connection and my fluctuating fortunes like the fluctuating page cannot be displayed problems..

Shot By Marziya Shakir On Nikon D 80

You Take Pictures You Dont Give Money - The Hijra Retorted

MTNL Broadband A Nightmare Continues

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For several years I subscribed to You Telecom one of the worst internet service providers so when my son Asif a soft ware programmer too got tired of You Telecom and switched to MTNL Broadband I followed suit.

The service was excellent and the people at St Martins Bandra office really went out of their way to keep me satisfied , there were teething problems but were sorted out by Mr Shyam Sundarji and Mr Johnny.

But of late since a day after Bakra Idd I am having serious problems my connection dithers and wavers , several complaints to 198 and though the complaint is not rectified I am sent a message on my mobile that the needful is by done.

This morning I went to to MTNL Broadband office at MTNL building Bandra Reclamation and gave my complaint to the PA of the head honcho Mr Uphadaya , I was promised relief ,I had tears in my eyes as I am not able to upload my Bakra Idd pictures forced to use my sons connection.We have two MTNL connections at home.

However on my return from work this evening it is the same nightmare that continues., and I do not want to bad mouth the people but MTNL Broadband Sucks , Real Real Bad.
I have decide to surrender my Modem and search for another Internet Service provider .. and this is a typical Made In India it or leave it.