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Ad Supported Racism

Ad Supported Racism at Poem Hunter
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
As I or anyone else cannot communicate with PH mgt, my so called ban may be the work of the hacker. If not then the world must know that PH is a hot bed of management fostered racial discrimination, as others have been far more offensive and indeed overtly racist without any action by management.
Adconion Media Group and Google Ads should take note of this..
I owe my poetic growth to poem hunter the finest poetry web site on cyberspace, but my case has been badly and shabbily ignored. They never once took me or my poems seriously where as poem and as blogs I placed my pain on the Internet.
I want a fair trial, before I am pronounced guilty for faults of others who have harmed me more than abusive words in my poems directed at my attackers..
The Ian Bowens , the Allen James Saywells the Ivan Donne Casewlls , the Hoggs , The Faslunds , Danny Reynolds, Betty Strangles , Tobias Dolittle , Jules Madigan,…